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  1. Elven-Dreams
    Christ, i haven't been this bored in ages! >_<;...Someone entertain me!
  2. sexy_Logancool
  3. BabyGirl/Kitten
    Not me cringing at how I used to act like an annoying “uwu” girl-
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  4. lopollo
    Let's hope they fix the 2fps mons
  5. something-naughty
    Who's on? Anyone doing anything fun?
  6. sexy_Logancool
  7. BabyGirl/Kitten
    I have so much to update omg
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  8. Elven-Dreams
    Wait, Sinnoh Remakes?! Oh no, this is going to be painful...I cannot imagine how badly they are going to butcher my favorite generation...
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    2. Elven-Dreams
      Who needs outsourcing? Just release the copyright for a while, fans can and have made better Pokemon games than GameFreak ever have and likely ever will.
      Mar 2, 2021 at 8:57 PM
    3. lopollo
      That's the problem tho, I think it's mostly due to nintendo that they don't do that. You've seen how they treat fan stuff. I think outsourcing it is the closest we are going to get
      Mar 2, 2021 at 9:06 PM
    4. Elven-Dreams
      Nintendo can go die in the same ditch as GameFreak for all I care.
      Mar 2, 2021 at 9:20 PM
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  9. Elven-Dreams
    "If you like War so much, why don't you join the Military?!" Because i'm not stupid enough to become a soldier ¬_¬
  10. davidjohn4
  11. sexy_Logancool
  12. sexy_Logancool
  13. sexy_Logancool
  14. tuvanphong
  15. tuvanphong
  16. sexy_Logancool
  17. sexy_Logancool
    sexy_Logancool sexy_val02
    hello beuatiful
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  19. Emily Sunflower
    Emily Sunflower
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  20. keobd
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