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What is up with the SEX & the PERVERTS? Discussions

What is up with the SEX & the PERVERTS? Discussions

am i the only one?

  1. mikaela
    there are alot of whores on here...am i the only virgin? am i the only 1
    that doesnt use furries-thingy? am i the only one that thinks all sexual
    actions are bad? don't be all ' what?!?!?!?! u don't EVEN BELIEVE IN
    DANCING?!?!?!?!?' Its my beliefs. just answer the questions.
    mikaela Jan 16, 2011
  2. MysticMagician
    If this is all about being a virgin; NO, you're not alone. There's more virgins on this site than you even can imagine.
    If you're complaining about furry pics; You're probably not alone. There's a few of those wh try not to use the furries on their profiles.
    About the sexual stuff; More people then you think do think sexual actions are bad, though some think it's just a natural cause of nature.
    And yes, I belive in dancing as well as myself playing the piano(True fact).
    MysticMagician Jan 26, 2011
  3. mikaela
    that's cool that you can play the piano and i wasn't trying to complain....i was tryin to get a point across <_<
    mikaela Jan 27, 2011
  4. Tobieth
    Well now, this was an interesting find in the groups. If you are trying to get a point across, then allow me to make mine.

    It's quite fine to believe sexual actions are dirty and perverted (as perversion actually means to be morally astray, and not only in the sexual manner), however I find it makes me sad. Shame many idiots and dickheads bother people whose intentions are not sexual, and I have never done anything of the sort. I've looked at your profile Mika, and all I see is a young, cute girl. Nothing perverse about that, I hope.

    However, if you looked at my profile (which I suggest you do not do if you believe what you do) you would find that I love and relish sexuality. I find it is beautiful and, while not being always pure, is a raw expression of humanity. Now if you get anything from my words, let it be this:

    I am a pervert. I am shamed by the hundreds of sleazy people on this site. But I am also saddened by you, who denounce both my kind and my beliefs.
    Tobieth Mar 19, 2011
  5. Gamerlynx
    umm how can you say all sex is bad? Im all for the whole "wait till marriage" idea, but lets face it. Without sex you and i wouldnt exist. The other thing i want to point out is that basic things like nudity doesnt have to be perverse or even sexual. The female form has been seen as the pinnacle of beauty for ages. Sculptures, paintings, even modern sports cars. They all try to mirror the female form.
    Just for good measure for anyone that looks at my profile. Just because i have a picture of a winged wolf doesnt make me a furry. i use pictures of animals for all of my online profiles.
    Gamerlynx Apr 15, 2011
  6. MrsSexSlave
    Sex is one thing. Making Romance, or love is another. They are two different things
    MrsSexSlave Dec 25, 2012
  7. MrsSexSlave
    and myself im a virgin myself. so go virgins c:
    MrsSexSlave Dec 25, 2012
  8. SexySenna
    I'm not a Virgin, but I am Married , well engaged, with my baby.
    And were expecting a child in December, nothing bad about it... Really.

    I understand the fact of , some people are just addicted too it a bit too much,
    but they can't help but be sex addicts, it happens... NOT everyone is a whore, just because they aren't virgins.

    And as for the furry thing, I'm a furry I've been a furry for like all my life,
    AND NOT ALL FURRIES are sexual nor all about YIFFING as you people call it.
    Half of the furry pics on here are even stolen from someone, because a Furry in my eyes

    Is a persona, of an animal that you think you are, It's not a fetish, but more of a get away, like people who wear fur suits, they're not perverts.. they just wanna make people happy, I mean.. who doesn't wanna pet a cute big wolfy, or a cute pink Lemur at that.. :\

    So Don't just judge everyone for one simple thing, just because Other people choose to fuck it up for US, like really...
    SexySenna May 8, 2013