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Lyria Academy Discussions | Page 2

Lyria Academy Discussions

Boy's Dorm

  1. danteparadiso
    oh ok do you want me to play violin or just guitar? *holds the music*
    danteparadiso Oct 11, 2011
  2. smexyfireman
    ~reaches out my hand and catches it without even looking and puts it down on the desk~thanks, i know its in here somewhere...~pulls out a big black light with multiple color settings and 2 long glow sticks 1 red 1 yellow~ found it ~puts the light on the stand~ er...play some more?...if you dont mind that is
    smexyfireman Oct 11, 2011
  3. danteparadiso
    plugs guitar into an amp and starts play a rock song but somehow adds a rave beat to it* like so
    danteparadiso Oct 11, 2011
  4. Myokehn
    Myokehn Oct 11, 2011
  5. smexyfireman
    Ya! ~turns on the lap on his desk and turns off the main light~ its not great but it will do ~Grabs the glow sticks and starts to flip them in the air and dance to the beat grinning as i finally start to open up. overhearing what Myokehn said~ woo X-japan ~said loader then normal but still not vary open~
    smexyfireman Oct 11, 2011
  6. danteparadiso
    oh no problem I can read it *takes the cd still playing the guitar with one hand* i like Japanese text
    danteparadiso Oct 11, 2011
  7. Myokehn
    (SORRY I forgot to put a link...)
    Myokehn Oct 11, 2011
  8. danteparadiso
    (its ok)
    plays the song with the Japanese text*

    (nice england form hetalia lol)
    danteparadiso Oct 11, 2011
  9. Myokehn
    (Yeah, Hetalia KICKS ASS!)
    Myokehn Oct 11, 2011
  10. smexyfireman
    ~shifts beats and turns off the light and turns on the main light dances for a little and then sits down~ sorry i have had a long day i need to sit down for a bit
    smexyfireman Oct 11, 2011