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The Dark Kingdom Discussions

The Dark Kingdom Discussions

Castilla Vortis

  1. Yoruichi Shihouin
    Group Owner
    A huge castle nestled within a snow sweped pine forest the castle itself surrounded by the City apon its people grew and became the Castillas they are today

    The people withi are mixtures of different races and the kingdom itself has allegiances with meny others giving it its famous and respected political influence and due to that the most famous building was created within its walls The White Tower, the tower itself from the distance looks like a speer of ice but within the other surrounding kingdom come to dicuss acts of war and diplomacy and thus Castilla has and always will be a neutral kingdom
    The queen has been unmarried and rules the kingdon with utter surety she is a powerful and honest warrior with a close held respect for honor and valor and has protected her people all her life
    Yoruichi Shihouin Sep 1, 2013
  2. Yoruichi Shihouin
    Group Owner
    Valentia sat in her cort her silver armor catching the sunlight as she stared down the chained female succubus before her as the soldiers held her apon her knees.

    The succubus grinned at her licking her lips as she spoke "I regret nothing" she said in an uncharacteristically sweet voice as she continued "the man practicaly begged me to rape him I lost control I cannot apologise for being what I am. Ide do it to you ic I wasnt chained up-"

    Valentia stood up in outrage "How dare you!"

    The succubus laughed "you cannot keep me here, doing so is an act of war"

    Valentia sat back in her pearl white throne and smiled "I dont care, you broke my laws and will he punished." She stood up and drew her sword pointing it at the succubus "I High Queen Valentia Castilla By Right Of Birth And As Ruler Of This Kingdom Sentence You To Incarceration Untill Such Time That Your Tryle Be Revised And A Punishment Is Given That More Suits Your Crime, get her out of my site! "
    Yoruichi Shihouin Sep 1, 2013
  3. Yoruichi Shihouin
    Group Owner
    Valentia walked down from her throne and into the halls of her council as the loudly argued "we canno go to war with the dark kingdom any acts of violence towards them will bring about the end of the delicate ballence we have "
    Valentia stood watching the council members shout and swear at one another
    She stood up onto her podium alone as she shouted one word that made the whole room stop "Silence!"
    The council sat and ended their heated debate "Castilla Wages No War In This Season. This is the only time that we can produce a harvest castilla snows 10months of the year" she leNs on her podium "we must call apon the other Kingdoms this matter must be settled officially!"
    Yoruichi Shihouin Sep 1, 2013
  4. Badoggie
    A young male holding a scythe watches everything. "....Another soul for the harvest my queen?" He asks curiously "Also when will you grant me the honor of sparring you?"
    Badoggie Sep 2, 2013
  5. Yoruichi Shihouin
    Group Owner
    The queen turns and shakes her head "not right now..."
    Yoruichi Shihouin Sep 2, 2013
  6. Badoggie
    "Ofcourse ma'am...So will it come down to execution to the lusty dairy cow?" He asks referencing the succubus. "Been a while since my last meal heh." he says( souls are nutritious!)
    Badoggie Sep 2, 2013
  7. Badoggie
    "Pardon me m'lady but I have some business to attend to." He sighs twirling the scythe as a portal opens up beneath him and he vanishes.
    Badoggie Sep 2, 2013
  8. AngelOfPleasure
    I push my way through the crowed streets, ignoring the stares that are thrown my way. Gryphons aren't well known in these parts, normally sticking to the Dwarven Halls. Since it was uncommon to see one, not to mention one without a rider...
    AngelOfPleasure Sep 2, 2013
  9. Badoggie
    Marcus appeared yet again doing his rounds "lords have mercy...I can't keep up with this warping thing.." He sighed wiping a bead of sweat from his fore head "...Oi! Sir Gryhon mind coming over here a moment?"
    Badoggie Sep 2, 2013
  10. Adelphia
    Rorcyn walked through the crowds as he kept his hood up as a few of his men followed him as he looked at the gryphon a bit"strange seeing one here and without a rider no less"he shrugged a bit as he kept walking
    Adelphia Sep 2, 2013