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THE GAMERS Discussions

THE GAMERS Discussions

Favourite Games?

  1. Jaffa 13
    Whats your top five fav games?

    At the moment mine are:
    2.Mass Effect
    3.Mass Effect 2
    4.Fable 3
    5.GTA IV
    Jaffa 13 Dec 30, 2010
  2. finneow
    Group Owner
    1.C.O.D black ops
    2.nfs hot pusiut
    3.doctor who return to earth
    4.sims 3
    5.pac man
    finneow Jan 3, 2011
  3. big boy 13 yrs old 6 inch
    2.Black ops (number 1 once congestion on ps3 stops and lack of nuke killstreak is taken care of)
    3.Dead Space 2
    4.GTA IV (i dont own this but hey any GTA game is awesome)
    5.Postal 2 (i played 3 but never found it)
  4. finneow
    Group Owner
    ok heres my new one
    4.black ops
    5.sains row 3
    finneow Mar 9, 2012