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We Belive in ghosts Discussions

We Belive in ghosts Discussions

haunted school?

  1. bigandbad69
    ya... my old shool as haunted. i think at least. heres the story of how i first realized it:

    i was in the school library, alone all except for the one librarian. it was five minutes till school was over. the librarian got up and left, i didnt notice because i was reading a realy good book. about thirty seconds after she left i got this weird feeliing like i was being watched. then it felt like there was someone behind me, breathing down my neck. i slowly turned around. and there was nothing there. when i turned back, there was a 14 (im guessing) year old girl on the other side of the tablle, watching me. stareing at me with literaly empty eyes. i could see through her a little. but not much to scared to do anything, i got up and ran as fast as i could, to scared to even scream.
    bigandbad69 Nov 5, 2010
  2. bigandbad69
    thats basicly what hapened on my first "expirence" with a ghost im=n my school. i did some reaserch and it turned out that she was a student (cant remember the name... it was Keighly something...). she died when another student pushed her down the stairs.
    bigandbad69 Nov 5, 2010
    eiry...what school was this?
    NOWNMN Nov 28, 2010
  4. my old schools haunted there's been a few strange thing's happen at the school but the best time to see the ghost's is on the school's haunted sleepover on halloween.
    Nov 29, 2010
  5. eatuoutgirls
    my high school is haunted
    eatuoutgirls Feb 25, 2011
  6. emo king wazza
    my school is haunted by ghosts one of them doesnt have a head thats the one who lives in my teachers cobord a couple of weeks ago me a some of my pals were in the class all alone there were stange noises at we thoght it was my pal goofing around but when we went to open the door it wouldnt open then we seen a 15 year old boy who had died in after a cooking knife was threw at his windpipe
    emo king wazza Apr 23, 2011
  7. There was a ghost at my old school but this was a while ago, he had an heart attack in a history class.... i've never seen him before but other people have seen him and i belive them. I was told he walks the halls every friday night at about 2:00 am, one of my friends seen him because he went camping at the school with some other firends and they deared him to go into the school (The school was unlocked they knew the kids were camping there... it was some sort of charity thing) Anyway he agreed to do it and looked around, he seen a dark figer walk past the other hall.
    Aug 6, 2011
  8. He ran out and told everyone he seen something inside, so one of his freinds went in to see if it was true (The others were shitting there selfs xD). He told him that he saw it there so they decided to go and explore, they went up stairs and saw it again but this time it looked at them. They could tell he was looking at them beacuse his body was faceing them, it started to walk to them but they ran as soon as it started walking.

    That all i know....
    Aug 6, 2011
  9. ninjakitten123
    i'v seen many the most recent one is with me now shes my friend like we just meet and she said he father killed her her name is emily and she is 7 and she gards me as i sleep and i thank her for it with a glass doll i found in my basement turned out it was hers
    ninjakitten123 May 23, 2013