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  1. gwarhammer
    Group Owner
    The settings to join are:

    Server: irc.synirc.net
    Channel: #funnygames

    If you don't know much about IRC, then try www.mibbit.com - a fairly easy-to-use browser client. Set your server to SynIRC (irc.synirc.net), and the channel is as above.

    For people who want a more in-depth IRC experience, mIRC, XChat and irssi are all popular clients, and someone will be able to help you set them up.

    See you there.
    gwarhammer Feb 25, 2011
  2. Angel of Game
    Mibbit has been changed a bit. So, to make it easier, just click this and set your name to anything you want.

    Happy chatting! :D
    Angel of Game Jun 15, 2011