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People That Enjoy Typing Properly Discussions

People That Enjoy Typing Properly Discussions

It's pretty funny...

  1. XXX_D
    You know, I'm not even an American or a Briton, and I still spell and type better than most of my American class mates. They've had their whole lives to learn while I only had from fifth grade to present. It boggles the mind....
    XXX_D Jul 4, 2012
  2. Hannah Of Hyrule
    I've noticed several members here that live in Germany (and thereby know German as their native language) type in English better than most US natives X3
    Hannah Of Hyrule Jul 8, 2012
  3. Haha, it's all about mindset. Most American youth today are entirely spoiled by texting and the like and too lazy to type out everything properly. It's a shame, really. I really don't see what's so hard about utilizing proper grammar and spelling. Hmm. :I
    Jul 11, 2012
  4. I lived in Belarus until 2000, embraced netspeak in my early days online. I forced myself to type properly around the age of 12. Granted, I had a bit of a head start, having learned English since 1st grade but I never really took it seriously. I write a lot better than my native speaker friends.
    Aug 8, 2012
  5. Tobieth
    I feel that people whose primary language isn't English, but are fluent, tend to type and speak incredibly proper. It reminds me of being a student of French language and interacting with native French speakers. Since I was speaking textbook French they found it a little amusing.

    That being said, native English or (insert language) speakers tend to form habits and slang because people get lazy. It's interesting, I think, that speaking one's language properly is too much effort. English, at least, has the excuse of being terribly convoluted.
    Tobieth Nov 19, 2012
  6. XxSmexxiiBunnieexX
    It'ss Stupidd For Thiss Group Even Existinqq On A SITE . People Don't Give To A Flyinn'Fuckk Aboutt Propler Spellinn' . Ihmm Nott American Or Briton Andd I Can Spell Correctlly I Justt Don'tt Feel Like Ihtt , I Don't WAN'T To . Ihh Don'tt Spell Wiff Numbaa'ss Andd Don'tt Realiehh Usee HBY Andd Shizz , I Spell the Wayy I Talkk , Thiss Whole Group'ss A waste
    XxSmexxiiBunnieexX Aug 3, 2013
  7. AyKay69
    The group with 360 people who hate people who type like you is totally a waste. If you're going to complain, try typing properly so someone can take you seriously and so someone can actually comprehend what you're trying to say.
    AyKay69 Aug 3, 2013
  8. Unsleeping Virus
    Although there was a better way to say it, AyKay's got the point here...
    And you made a huge contradiction there, "Bunniee." If you spelled anything the way you talked, you wouldn't double any of the last letters, nor would you have as many grammatical errors... Unless you talk like a moron... No offence...
    Unsleeping Virus Aug 3, 2013
  9. AyKay69
    I say what's necessary to say in a much more rude manner. I like it, personally.
    AyKay69 Aug 4, 2013
  10. XxSmexxiiBunnieexX
    "The group with 360 people who hate people who type like you" , Bitchy Bitchy , Hating On A Person Because She Can't Spell? Okay , I Don't Talk Like That , I Double The Letters 'Cause I Like It . And I Putted "Bunniee" 'Cause I Woud Say It Like That . And Otay , Lemme 'Translate' It For Ya: " It's Stupid That This Group Even Exists On A SITE . People Don't Give To A Flyin'Fuck About Proper Spelling . I'm Not American Or Briton And I Can Spell Correctly , I Just Don't Feal Like It , I Don't WANT To . I Don't Spell With Numbers And I Don't Realy Use HBY , NVM And Other Shit , This Group's A Waste ." Happy?
    XxSmexxiiBunnieexX Aug 4, 2013