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List of Known Boys Pretending to be Girls Discussions

List of Known Boys Pretending to be Girls Discussions

List of known or suspected people.

  1. Curious UK
    Reason: This is a fake account using pics of Monika Murillo.

    Reason: Confirmed stolen photo's from another site.

    miranda_slut email is miranda_slave@yahoo.com
    Reason: Claims to be 13, email and "miranda" has been making that claim for nearly 4 years now on different sites.

    Reason: Obvious fake profile images.

    Reason: Possible stolen photo's from another site. Also claims to be under aged.
    Curious UK Aug 6, 2012
  2. andygamer
    And Colbi_Jones is underage or she says she is.
    andygamer Jan 5, 2013
  3. The Sims
    So glad this section is here, now we can uncover all the fucking perverts of funny games
    The Sims Jan 8, 2013
  4. The Sims
    The Sims Jan 8, 2013
  5. Sicu
    Ye, the pictures in that profile are stolen from other pages. Also TheDoomBringer I am thinking that is a pervert. She/he/it changed from being straight to lesbian, then back to straight (was a lesbian for 2 weeks or so) plus the fact that the pictures in that profile are from all over the internet from various porn sites. And I could point out a few more when I find them and am sure that they are fake.
    Sicu Jan 8, 2013
  6. andygamer
    Hey I'm a pervert there is nothing wrong with being one but come on at least admit your a guy if your male quit pretending to be female to have your fun.
    andygamer Jan 8, 2013
  7. The Sims
    Haha I am a guy (I think), I come here to talk with friends, my mind wanders a little at times but I stay focused 90% of the time. I can be a little pervy, but I choose to keep that in PM's :D
    The Sims Jan 8, 2013
  8. The Sims
    The Sims Jan 8, 2013
  9. Sicu
    Found another one that is a fake. Each picture is stolen from another web page.


    Edited as requested: Adding new information for this person.

    First and second picture I have found on multiple web pages as => this one or for the first picture there is also this link.

    Third picture I've found on a few blogs but didn't bother taking the time to read them, I don't have that much time to read a blog that doesn't interest me at all. Plus that I get the skyrock.cm link when I search for her third picture.

    Also a small note, she might be real, or she might be fake. Will probably look more into this next week.
    Sicu Jan 8, 2013
  10. andygamer
    Um all three of the post before mine are the same girl just different pose's so who did she steal the pics from?
    andygamer Jan 8, 2013