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What is up with the SEX & the PERVERTS? Discussions

What is up with the SEX & the PERVERTS? Discussions

The Things i hate about this site and the perverted people who are on it.

  1. MrsSexSlave
    Why is there so many perverted fucks on here? does any of them have a life? is it because they feel unsettle about themselves? lack of attention they get from the outside world? Do they like actually putting up pictures of they "NAKED" body pictures? I swear 92% of this site revolves around sex, nudity pornographic, and wanting cam sex. Those type of people, if they really want some ACTUAL sex go outside, into the REAL world. if you wanna why dont you just become a prostitute. Common Sense. :thumb:
    MrsSexSlave Dec 25, 2012
    dont forget the phedofiles too, theyre are lots
    HORSELADY13 Jan 8, 2013
  3. SexySenna
    Well, coming from someone who has there username as 'MrsSexSlave'
    It's not their fault they're fooled , with names like that you're bound too get a lot of pervs after your judgemental ass, so just gtfo and stop complaining why don't you e__e
    SexySenna May 8, 2013
  4. Tannim78
    LoL way to go there sexysenna! She is one hipocrite w/that name there.
    Tannim78 May 8, 2013
  5. SexySenna
    Well, I'm not a big fan of people complaining like that, when THEY
    cause it upon themselves, by names such as hers.

    I know mines not any better c: but it was what I went by. so eh.. kinda stuck xP
    SexySenna May 9, 2013
  6. CitizenSLUT
    WOW SexySenna and MrsSexSlave may want to not but so hypocritical. :p Come back to the dirty side ladies. Some of us will treat you nice. :)
    CitizenSLUT Dec 5, 2014