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Private RP Forum Discussions

Private RP Forum Discussions


  1. Happybear123
    Group Owner
    Lelia, Rudolphs daughter, is a bit to young to make Santa's Sleigh team. Though life's not all bad, she gets to bring gifts to all those in the north, one of whom is a lone wolf. When she sneaks in to leave him his present, little does she know that he has other plans on what he want for Christmas: a slave.
    Happybear123 Jun 6, 2013
  2. Happybear123
    Group Owner
    Lelia was a brilliant gold doeling, a year shy of making Santa's sleigh team. She wasn't too upset by this, after all, she did get to deliver presents. Her parents had warned her of the packs of wolves in the forest, but she wasn't scared of them, not on Christmas, and not ever really.

    Once the sun had set and darkness had engulfed the North Pole, Lelia made her way through the forest, dropping presents off at each of the animals homes, approaching a large cave, one whose inhabitants weren't asleep at all...
    Happybear123 Jun 6, 2013
  3. xpwnagexx
    This lone wolf, James knew that Lelia would be dropping by his house soon enough. It had just passed midnight and turned to Christmas day; quickly she was approaching with the gift he had so nicely asked for...herself. He was getting excited just thinking about what he would be able to do her, when he heard the young doeling enter his cavern.

    As she entered quietly, James snuck off to the side waiting for her to get further in, and after a few minutes...
    xpwnagexx Jun 15, 2013
  4. xpwnagexx
    "Hello, Lelia." James said, popping up from behind her, giving the warmest grin to her he possibly could with an incredibly amount of other intentions hidden behind his mask.
    "Merry Christmas. Pardon me for startling you, but I was so excited I could not sleep.."
    xpwnagexx Jun 15, 2013
  5. Happybear123
    Group Owner
    Lelia tiptoed into the cave, sniffing and attempting to scent his tree. She jumped and near screamed as he spoke! It was past midnight! No one was supposed to be awake. He knew her name? She opened her mouth to speak, but was at a loss for words, shaking in subconscious fear as he was a wolf, her natural predator... "M-merry christmas." she finally managed to say. She had no idea what to do, she never planned on speaking to anyone that night.
    Happybear123 Jul 2, 2013
  6. Happybear123
    Group Owner
    She was outfitted in a surprisingly skimpy outfit. She was wearing a red leather halter, reins tied back and used as a bow in her hair. She had a red leather collar around her neck and a larger leather band just under her breasts; both with several jingling bells attached to it. The two bands were connected by straps that went down her sides and a secondary band that was just wide enough to cover her nipples and hold her breasts in place somewhat. Her tail had a small jingle bell collar at its base as well as around her ankles wrists. She wore a red thong to complete the outfit. So, she stood before him in her skimpy red jingly leather outfit, sack over her shoulder and a small santa hat nestled between her antlers. "W-what are yo d-doing awake." she, again, manages, words just above a whisper.
    Happybear123 Jul 2, 2013
  7. xpwnagexx
    He answered slyly, "Oh well, you know. I'm a wolf. I sleep during the day, up during the night. Not really much I can do to help that...even if it is christmas, I just couldn't contain my...excitement. Waiting for my gifts of course."

    He gave her a sharp grin showing his well kept fangs. He eyed her body, up and down, licking his lips, barely able to contain himself, and his small amount of cloth covering his private parts began to rise.

    "Pardon my lack of proper clothing, it is late after all...now, what do you have in that bag for me? Because, you know, I only had one thing on my wish list..."
    He snickered quietly.
    xpwnagexx Jul 19, 2013
  8. Happybear123
    Group Owner
    She blushed brightly, her nose glowing red some, after all she was Rudolph's daughter. "O-Oh, I, um I see." she stuttered, attempting to compose herself. Her prey instincts told her to run, but her devotion to Santa as his present deliverer overpowered the dilemma. Her nose grew brighter at the comment about his clothing, taking no note of it untill he brought it up. Shaking the idea out of her head she managed a smile as he questioned his present. "One thing? Hmm, you must really know what you want." she giggled reaching into the bag. A frown painted her lips when all she pulled out was a card. "Here you go!" All he wanted was a card? How odd... She watched him open the card, bit puzzled by the expression that crossed his face.

    The card was from Santa, and it read:
    As you requested, in return for not hunting our herds: a doeling.
    Merry Christmas!

    P.S. She has no idea the bow on her head makes her a present. Enjoy."
    Happybear123 Jul 19, 2013
  9. xpwnagexx
    He gave her a wide grin, with no evil intentions behind it, just pure joy of the fact that the card he received showed santa's approval of what he really wanted: her. He quietly stalked up closer to her, taking note of her incredibly skimpy attire, as well as what he was wearing, he couldn't ask for a better way to start the night.

    "So, my cute little leila, santa has finally given me the one thing I want." James quickly tucked the card into his back pocket, pacing around her quietly, almost as if sniffing out his prey. Licking his lips once more, he strokes her face one, reaching up and unwrapping the bow off her head. After making it his own possession, he triumphantly states, "And my dear, the gift was you, hence the cute bow on your head."

    Making sure she realized the position she was in, James drove into a proverbial corner.

    "So now, I hope you don't mind, after all it is a real wish and it's your job to deliver the wishes people want, right? hehe."
    xpwnagexx Jul 20, 2013
  10. Happybear123
    Group Owner
    "I-I don't understand..." she blushed brightly, her nose glowing adorably. She watched him pace around her, scared, but also intrigued. She shivers as he touches her face, but is to captivated by confusion to do anything. As he untied the bow, the reins that were used to make it dropped to her shoulders, she missed the overly pleased smile he gave her as he took hold of them and pulled her close. "I-I guess that my job, um, did you not like Santa's letter?" she asked, not quite getting where this was going.
    Happybear123 Aug 22, 2013