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Private RP Forum Discussions | Page 2

Private RP Forum Discussions


  1. xpwnagexx
    He chuckles and grins again, poking her cutesy glowing nose.
    "You don't have to understand too much, my dear. Just go with the flow...be patient, and I'll make sure that we both feel incredibly good...I promise. This is what I asked santa for, and you want to help Santa right?"

    He decided to see where things lead since he was getting antsy for his gift. He licked his lips and pulled her extra close using the reins from the bow, moving his head closer, kissing her forhead, then check, then ears gently, making a soft tickly feeling as his nose pressed against her, before he started to slowly rub her back.

    James had no plans to scare Leila, he just wanted to make sure she enjoyed Christmas as much as he was about to.
    xpwnagexx Sep 4, 2013
  2. Happybear123
    Group Owner
    She squeaks as he pokes her nose. "O-okay." she manages. "Y-yes, I want to help Santa." she adds quickly, if she didn't, she may not be able to get on the sleigh team next year!

    She blushes and he pulls on her reins, instinctively stepping closer, her small form nearly engulfed in his as he kissed her forehead and ears, blushing and giggling quietly, as it did tickle. A shiver went down her spine as she felt is large arm wrap around her, his paw slowly rubbing along her back.

    Lelia really had no idea what was coming.
    Happybear123 Sep 22, 2013
  3. xpwnagexx
    Seeing her blush and giggle, he knew he Leila in his grasps. James took his large furry arm, and slid it down farther on her back, until he reached her cute plump ass, and took a firm grab, groping at it as he changed from kissing her forehead and ears, to her neck, as he kissed, and proceeded to lick and even nibble just a bit, making sure she felt every movement of his lips and tongue.

    He paused for a moment, "And if this feels nice, just go with what feels natural. Just let it happen and follow your instincts." and then he continued to pull her close, their bodies touching as he teased her more and more.
    xpwnagexx Oct 15, 2013
  4. Happybear123
    Group Owner
    Lelia squeaked in surprise as he groped her rear, body getting hot as she felt him now on her neck, kissing and licking even nibbling. Her prey instinct told her to run but he held her trapped in his muscled arms. She dared not move, gasping as he pulled her close. Their bodies touching sent a whole new set of signals through her brain, and she began to feel a very odd sensation between her loins, relaxing some in his grip.
    Happybear123 Nov 11, 2013
  5. xpwnagexx
    Using his wolf senses to notice the changes in her body language, he proceeded to continue what he planned to do; make her into his complete slave.

    He rubbed against her, their whole bodies making contact, before James leaned in with his hand, rubbing down her back and groping her ass again before giving it a quick smack, with a sound that resonated throughout the cavern. The same hand traveled around her leg, stopping in front of her tender unused pussy, feeling warmer than usual. He reached two fingers down and started rubbing just the pussy lips, and teasing the clit a little bit.

    "It seems like you're enjoying yourself Leila..do you like how my hand feels?"
    xpwnagexx Dec 6, 2013
  6. Happybear123
    Group Owner
    Lelia blushed brightly as he groped her ass, wincing as he smacked her ass. She gasped as he brought his hand to her pussy. She bit her lip nervously as he stroked her folds, whimpering as he touched her clit. She gulped, leaning into him as he played with her. "I-I do..." she closed her eyes. "W-what are you doing?" she asked, "It feels great..."
    Happybear123 Dec 26, 2013
  7. xpwnagexx
    He chuckled and proceeded to keep rubbing, a bit harder as she got more turned on. He whipped his massive wolf cock out, before gently placing her left hand on his package to get her used to the feeling.

    "I'm just using my instincts to bring you the greatest pleasure possible. By rubbing my shaft, you'll be doing the same for me..a fair trade, I would say. I Can give you even more if you do a good job.."

    I push those two fingers just an inch into Leila's warm tight pussy, to see how she reacts as I continue to squeeze her tits and ass.
    xpwnagexx Apr 19, 2014