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A Mythical Realm of Dragons

A Mythical Realm of Dragons

Long ago, in a land far away, there was a land that was inhabited by dragons that lived peacefully throughout it.
The peace did not last forever though.
Humans discovered this land and out of fear, they slated the dragons and their population dwindled into almost nothing.
The dragons that survived fled to the mountains and the Valleys beyond them. The ones that didn't manage to escape were taken as prisoners, pets and used for entertainment.
Many are beaten and poorly treated but that isn't always the case. Many dragons have accepted life with the humans and live happily with them....

In this group you can be either a dragon or human, good or evil.

This is for those who actually want to roleplaying and sexual content should be limited (but not completely gone).

I will start off with a few topics but feel free to add things as you wish.

This group is based for dragons and humans but you may be any other mythical creature you choose.