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< ~*/Brethren\*~ >

< ~*/Brethren\*~ >
Little Miss Sexy
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< ~*/Brethren\*~ >

A Hellish World Dominated By Total Darkness And Death As The Sky Torn Open And Thru Spilled Demons And Broken Souls Killing All In Their Path Races And Clans Wiped Out Like A Short Sigh Of Desperation Those Who Survive Hide In Fear And Those Who Fight Do What They Can, But They Fight A Loseing Battle.

You Can Be Whatever You Desire Human, Furry, Demon E.t.c

You Can Choose To Be An;

Innosent Survivor
Brave Rebel

Evil Servant
Dark Overlord

Aswell As,
Assassin, Mercenary Or Whatever You Can Come Up With.

There Are Two Worlds.
The Normal World
And The Demonic,