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For people who can actually RP~!

For people who can actually RP~!

Hello every one~!
So im finally back after a little break and ive been looking around at groups.... and to be honest, the level of Rp that im seeing is bleck =x

So to make up for it, and also so that people who RP seriously ( i mean more then one line, in the paragraph area or beyond~!)
ive made this group for them :3

So if your more seriously about Rping then other people, and really want to expand your style more by Rping with people who are on the same level as you, feel free to join ^^

(Feel free to make your own discussion. ive only posted a few from my characters for ideas :D)

- no means no, dont let me tell you twice.
- no insta-sex. its annoying, and i will not have this chat filled with that crap.
- no text talk, trolling, or being stupid in general.
- put effort into your RP posts, and dont be a one liner.