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Forgotten Terrors (18+)

Forgotten Terrors (18+)
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Forgotten Terrors (18+)

In the tales of the olden days when the aligned five stars of Icarus, Nara, Fawn, Giatus and Nurn came together to stop the endless night that consumed the universe and to seal the terrors of the dark in the Titanus Vault and for there part gifted time with a moment of peace futile tho it may have been they played there part in history years past with no whisper but hidden deep within the vault within the lifeless darkness something stirred the silence the manifestation of evil design, a boy the innocence of the child came forth able to just walk from the vault but before a blade was raised the alliance shattered Nara was the first, the planet of order and truth and the pinnacle of the five was split in two by the 'boy' leaving no survivors,

Now the path for him is open and the rest of the universe within his grasp as he giggled in the darkness, the terror had returned...