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Furries furry and more furries 18+

Furries furry and more furries 18+

For all people 18+ who loves furry.
You can RP any kind of RP, as long as it involves furries.

Don't Spam sex here like; "BI/Male/16 looking for horny girl", or "I want a master to dominate me text me 9999999999".

Members in numbers:
Over 100: 2nd November 2010
Over 250: 28th March 2011

March 21st 2013 Message: I will not be much in this group, and therefore I will let anyone roam free, with the exception of spammers, and do almost as you wish, because we still have to follow the forum rules.
Also, for those who wants this group to get more life; Send me a PM, and we may discuss the transfer of the group to you.