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Furry Roleplay 18+ Only

Furry Roleplay 18+ Only

Its a group for the furs who are serious about roleplay. Men and Women are allowed in, please 18+ though.

General Rules:

No means No, unless specified that you're going to be doing THAT kind of rp ;)

Must be of age.

Please put a little description of your character when rp'ing in the discussions, like "Male/straight/fox" would do it for me.

And most important. Have fun and don't forget to yiff. ;)


Another group for furry RP that i created on a different website, now has its own website! ZOMG!

You don't have to check it out if you don't want, but it is a site where a lot of experienced RP'ers hang, well hopefully anyways XD

Check it out if you want, but no trolling, because i will ban D:


Reminder : The people on there will tear you apart if your RP skills are lacking, So only really talented ones go there. Im "Ben Filmer" fyi :D