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Hei Yukimura School for the Gifted (18+)

Hei Yukimura School for the Gifted (18+)

A school for those who are "gifted" in means wether they are smart or have well.......different abilities that others don't have. (such as super powers)

Both humans and furries go to this school because they have been selected to from their olds schools and together this school stands to show that everyone is equal no matter their species, their abilites, and show that the smart minds of the young can come together and change the future!

Only rules are no fighting outside rp, no god mode if there are fights, please post a picture it will help others see your character, if you wanna talk there will be a out of rp chat, and please be active and enjoy yourselfs~
Ps: Ideas for classes be nice message me or Masterassassin54 if you got any ALSO REPORT TO MISTRESS OFFICE FOR INTRODUCTION~ Thank you~