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High Tail Hall (Furry RP)

High Tail Hall (Furry RP)
FurryGirl ^^
Group Owner

High Tail Hall (Furry RP)

"Welcome To High Tail Hall I hope You Enjoy Your Stay May I Say That We Have Plenty For You To Do Here To Make Your Stay More Enjoyable"

"But Please be Awear Thet We Have Rules That Must Be Followed Or You Will Be Removed From The Hotel"
"Rule One. You Must Have I.D(Pic) Befor You You Can Be Given A Room Key As Some Of Our Servaces Are Exsplicit"
"Rule Two. Please Be Active Arround The Hotel Or Your Room Will Become Avaliable Again"
(If you do not post in 48 hours you will be kicked unless you have sent me a pm telling me you will be away)
"Rule Three. Please Do Not Eat Our Waiters!!!" (No Vore!)