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Rena Pinyashi
Group Owner


The Great Armys Of The Ambroukai Waged Greatist War The World Ever Knew In Only 50 Years They Burnt A Permanent Scar On The Planet Killing Any Who Stood In There Path.

The City's Of Mankind Were Almost Grind To Dust,
The Quiet Woodland Of The Elves Were Ripped Up Like Weeds And The Familys That Lived Within Were Killed Off Like Bugs,
The Beast Breeds Were Hunted Down And Slaughterd.

50 Years Of Death Finaly Ended As Quick As It Started But With The Sudden Disappearance Of The Amborukai Braught The Struggle For Power As The Remaining Races Began To Revalt Apon Eachother Like A Pack Of Starved Hyena.

Thus the age of New-Dawn began...

1~Add A Pic Before Joining In.
2~No One Line Posts
3~Please Get Along If You Have Problems Solve Them Somewere Elts
4~Have Fun Hunnys X