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The planet Norvirgrad is a diverse planet, and encompasses all different kinds of biomes. Magic is prolifent, as the planet's atmosphere is very conducive to mana particles, and most children are now born with magical capabilities. As such, virtually every branch of magic exists, ranging from simple illusions, to shapeshifting and daemonology. Of course, there are rules set in place for the magic usage, and dueling is allowed, so long as no fatal spells are cast.

Due to the magic everywhere, technology has practically ceased to progress, trapping them in the Victorian-Industrial era, and a vast majority of the technology is Steampunk. Walkers of every kind can be found and purchased anywhere, or even created.

- Any race is allowed. Furry/Human/Robotic
- Characters do not have to have magic properties.
- No OOC Argueing
- Literacy Preferred ; 18+ Allowed in moderation.