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Plains of the Waste (18+)

Plains of the Waste (18+)
Group Owner

Plains of the Waste (18+)

In honor of Zerosamuslover, who left about a year ago and in his leave left behind an amazing Rp group.

Sex is allowed with others and creatures in the plains, Fighting only in RP, Other than them I don’t really care just have fun :)
A world with society in small units in a battle for survival. Resources are scarce and dangers are high.Anything could end up in this place between worlds the mood is one of distant hope in a bleak and hopeless world. The weak must submit to the strong and the strong must be the strongest or die.
The settings post-apocalyptic with mountains of trash and monsters around every corner. The ruins of once was has replaced any kind of natural landscape, leaving a lack of plant life, save for that which is durable enough, or vicious enough, to survive.
Plenty of questions are there to find the answers to. Among them could be how to escape, while others may wonder what this place is, why it exists, and if there's hope beyond the horizon.