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Rahnum's Equestrian Adventure

Rahnum's Equestrian Adventure

I woke up, finding myself in a dark forest. I've been hiding from creatures I only recognize in myth...

Feel free to interject anytime as I learn about this land, this is a Equestria only, so ponies discord etc can join.

Message me if you want to create a side group/discussion where you and other ponies talk as my character tries to survive the Evergreen Forest.

Yes this is a largely anything goes area, sex or anything like that is allowed but try to make it feel natural for how you play your character rather than just random. Hope you enjoy this experiment! Ask me any questions you'd like.

If any of you are starting in Canterlot or somewhere other than where my character currently is, let me know and I'll create or ok your new discussion/place. (My first group so not sure if I need to create it for you or just ok it)