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Random [Story based] RP Group

Random [Story based] RP Group

This group is for teens that like to RP but like more than the "let's fuck" RP's.
You can post any kind of topic, any species, any gender, any sexuality.
Pictures are allowed and prefered for character references.

What this is, is a mash up of whatever kind of RP topics people want to post without it being devoted to sex. I don't care what gets posted. I just want it to be a fun little group for those who actually enjoy role play.

1. No arguing (Unless it's among characters)
2. No god-modding.
3. Keep sex to a minimum. Not saying none at all but don't over do it.
4. No slang or jargain or text-talk "i dun wanna c stuff lik dis cuz it is rly annoying 2 c and read."
5. Try to use proper grammar and punctuation.
6. Try to be an active member
7. Cursing is in the same boat as sex scenes, keep it to a minimum but it is allowed

I will keep things in check... Just try to have fun and be chill ^-^