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Rp Fights

Rp Fights

You have been brought in from a secret organisation, to put train you and put you into fights. You have arrived by helicopter and been handed a letter reading 'You have been brought here to fight, to see who is the better fighter, who will be the greatest one standing. The winner wins 10 million and a choice of either a experimental weapon or a guaranteed job as Overseer of next year's fights

In this you basically Rp fight in different areas and different scenarios. You can fight for what you want, do what you want just no one Godmodding.

Grab your guns, your blades and your skills cause your going to need it in the field of battle. Their is a training ground already set up for training in certain areas, the training ground is a safe haven.

Post a pic of your char and venture on to one of the areas. Yes you can make your own area, just make sure to describe the surroundings