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Soul Eater style rp

Soul Eater style rp

This RP is for all the soul eater fans out there!!~

Rules are as follows:
1. no god modding (unless your shinigami-sama lol)
2. no trolling other members
3. you can be anything you want from a weapon, a meister,a Witch,a teacher, or a shop owner

4. this all in good fun and all that jazz so if your chill and fun loving there wont be a problem ^^

5. if there is "intimate" play going on, that's cool but make a new post for like a house, hotel, or something along those lines. :p

6. also if you can post a picture of the character your gonna rp as so we can see how awesome you look :D!!

7. read the chit chat post often in case of some new development to the rp ok? thanks!