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The Dark Kingdom

The Dark Kingdom

After the the elven kingdom fell for the second time the era of law and order fell and the world became devided borders were formed and the alliance's were destroyed as the world turned against itself.

You may form your own kingdoms and set up your own castle or join together.

Wars are allowed but be realistic and descriptive and no god mod armys (Ie. No 1000 FIREBREATHING GIANTS THAT CAN FLY ON THE POWER OF AWESOMESAUSE)

All breeds and races allowed including mix race (neko. Centaurs ect)

Sex is allowed in moderation

Death can happed and so can the destruction and of your kingdom

Be active as this will be a wide spread group with meny members inactive people will be punished by the holy Boot Of God (me)

No infighting. Solve your problems somewhere else unless its part of the role play

No idle chit chat in group posts keep the magic flowing

Add a detailed pic as necessary

And have fun !!!