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The un-naturals (An RP with a secrete)

The un-naturals (An RP with a secrete)
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The un-naturals (An RP with a secrete)

Some where in the north Atlantic ocean, where international militaries keep there little secretes. Made to look like a oil rig, a tube transports the top level security down to the under water building where all mater of creatures live against there will with no way of escape apart from one. To rebel (You may not do this if you wish not to)

To be part of this RP you must be either a human, which patrol the building and keep the peace and the creatures down there. Or you can be a creature of any sort which are locked in pens

All other soldiers/security, weather, what goes on in the building for example closing off a section of the building and anything else shall be controlled by me and a few others I give the power to. If you wish for anything to happen just message me.

-Only post pictures of your character you play as
-Enjoy and be creative in what happens.