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World Begins Again (Serious Rp, Sex is all

World Begins Again (Serious Rp, Sex is all
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World Begins Again (Serious Rp, Sex is all

Life is hard now. No one could explain it, the rapid progression of other creatures, Cats grew dramatically into huge beasts, cows and other life stock developed to become carnivores. The cities began to get attacked. We were too dependent and starvation broke out, the cities fell as the developed Animals tore them apart, now the world is a jungle, the small communities of humans left had to flee to the mountains..Generations later we return! As Primal Warriors, learning to be at one with nature, guns were abandoned and now the world can begin again.

1. please RP fairly we're here to have fun
2. Read the Description it explains a general Story (No guns! only magic allowed is shaman/druid kind of animal stuff :p )
3. sex is allowed and can happen however you like (no really crazy fetishes unless the other person agrees to RP that)
4.don't over power yourself or get arsey over something, just Message me :)