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Nov 8, 2012
May 31, 2011
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The Naughty Angel

Angelic_Melody was last seen:
Nov 8, 2012
    1. Rock_
      Heya. Wanna role play sometime? ^_^
    2. sexymisty
      hi please add me and pm me n_n
    3. Horny_Bi_Bitch
    4. spihke
      I love you RP characters, Want to RP sometime? ^_^
    5. cptoverkilll
      hi there, nice to meet you ^_^ i like your rp characters
    6. isaac812
      Wonderful! What would you like to do? :D I'm totally open for any and all suggestions ^^
    7. isaac812
      Oh, that's a pity... Well, regardless of your album, is there anything you'd really love to do, because if yes, then I'd love to hear from you. : )
    8. isaac812
      Hello. ^^
      You don't know me, but I just stopped by your profile by chance, and looked through your album. I just wanted to say that I really, really love your album, and especially I'd like to commend the work you put into it. I can see that you went by those characters one by one and input a few lines, and I think that's awesome. :D

      I was wondering if there's any chance there was something you'd really crave to do. I'd love to help you do that, if you wish. :)
    9. Hannah Of Hyrule
      Hannah Of Hyrule
      You're very welcome, my dear <3
    10. Hannah Of Hyrule
      Hannah Of Hyrule
      *Moaning happily, I give you a sweet smile* Good little angel, just like that... ^^
    11. Hannah Of Hyrule
      Hannah Of Hyrule
      Mmmnn, be sure to get in between... *Giggling, I push my breasts down towards my belly so you can scrub in between my cleavage* <3
    12. Hannah Of Hyrule
      Hannah Of Hyrule
      *Hands you the soapy louffa and thrusts out my chest, pushing my buxom cleavage out for you to clean* ^^
    13. Hannah Of Hyrule
      Hannah Of Hyrule
      I love you, too, my sweet little angel <3
    14. Hannah Of Hyrule
      Hannah Of Hyrule
      *As the sponge squeezes around your pert little nipples, I give you a coy little smile at seeing you blush* I was hoping you would, my dear, a mother and daughter should always be close... <3
    15. Hannah Of Hyrule
      Hannah Of Hyrule
      *After I finish lathering your back, I gently lift your breasts up out of the water and start to scrub them gently with the louffa* So perky and firm, hehe... my little angel is growing up ;3
    16. Hannah Of Hyrule
      Hannah Of Hyrule
      *Hops in after you, the semi-small tub hardly accommodating our two bodies. I press up close to you, our bare breasts rubbing against each other, as I start to wash your back* Let's get you nice and clean, shall we? <3
    17. Hannah Of Hyrule
      Hannah Of Hyrule
      (Beckons you forward, both of us completely nude. I gesture to the tub, filled with pleasant-smelling bubbles and foam) Climb in, angel <3
    18. Hannah Of Hyrule
      Hannah Of Hyrule
      (Slips out of my skimpy little dress and starts to draw us a bath)
    19. Hannah Of Hyrule
      Hannah Of Hyrule
      And of course, mommy will have to get in to bathe you.. ;3
    20. Hannah Of Hyrule
      Hannah Of Hyrule
      Maybe it's time for a bath, then... go undress, little angel, I'll start running the water <3
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    People on this site i hate and hope die in the most horrible way imaginable!
    Yes, i am capable of pure hatred.
    All Guro Fans: The less of them there are the less people get murdered, e.g. Jack The Ripper was a guro fan.