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Aug 28, 2011
Jul 2, 2011
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August 19
Done with it.
Fuck You.

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Leaving dont wait up., from Done with it.

bibichick67 was last seen:
Aug 28, 2011
    1. wulfe
      Why are all the cool non pervys leaving O_O!
    2. Conbker
      We need to talk quickly pm me its important
    3. bibichick67
      I wake up and yawn.
      I sigh as i get up and fix my self.
      I brush my hair with a wolf paw. I go outside and strech. I wash my face at the river and go out to hunt. I climb the trees with the daggers i've made and wait for my prey scilently.
    4. bibichick67
      I try to escape the forest many times butremain at the waterfall. I sigh and give up leaving and make my home here.
      Over the years i've made a small shack and trainning area for my self.
      I hone my sword fighting skills and make my self armour out of:
      Brown Bear fur and bones and wolf fur and bones.
      For boots i used bear skin and fur.
      For a tunic i used soft white wolf skin and fur.
      For a chest plate i melted wolf and bear bones together.
      For shoulder plates i used bear bone and fur.
      For a helmet i used wolf skull.
      For daggers i sharpen bones of prey i've killed.
    5. bibichick67
      I look down to look for anything like a wepon. I spot a sword and dagger on his belt. As he leans in to kiss me i grab the dagger and stab it into his neck. I grab the sword ,with its sheith, and run. The others chase after me. The creature swoops in and grabs me by the shoulders lifting me up off the ground. I yelp as it seeps it talons into my shoulder. I use the sword and sclice off its left foot. It lets me go and i fall into a river.
      I wake up on a bank at the base of a waterfall. I find the sword and get up. I look around noicing im in an unknown forest.
    6. bibichick67
      I get up and hide behind a rock. I hide inside a hole just big enough for me to hide. I pant lightly scared. They feet stop and its quiet for a while. I hold my knees closer to my chest as i hide.
      "Where is it?" i low growling voice says as someone of thing is thrown to the ground.
      "I swear it was here the smell" another lighter but stil growling voice says as i comes closer to me. It reaches the hole im in and peers in. It looks like some form of human but with light purple skin. It smiles at me with its black viods.
      "Found it" it says as it grabs me by the hair and drags me out.
      "Stop it! No!" i yell as i struggle in a abit of pain.
      A green one grabs ne by the neck and rubs my cheek.
      "What soft skin" it says smiling evily.
    7. bibichick67
      After a while i get lost and panic abit. I run past the same things over and over. The creature smiles and climbs up a tree following me through the tree tops. I sit by a tree and sigh. I look up and notice it. My eyes widen and i begin to run. It chases me faster than i am and catches me with its talon-like hands by the neck. I struggle in its grasp as its talons cut my neck slightly. It screeches at me as i struggle. I stop terrified as it looks me in the eyes with its deep hollow ones. It drops me on thefloor and i grab my neck trying to breath. The sound of running feet echos through the forest as the creature flys up and perches its self on a branch. I look towards the echoing sound.
    8. bibichick67
      Bored and young I walk outside my village to a field.I lay in the lush green grass. I look up at the semi-cloudly sky. I sigh and smiling thinking todays gunna be great. I close my eyes and ever so slowly i drift in to a nap. As i nap something flys over me and lands on the edge of the field. Its blood red eyes and bloody mouth indecate its not from this world. It crouches and changes tothe color of the grass. I wake from my nap and strech unaware of the on coming danger. I get up and walk into a forest. The creature follows.
    9. bibichick67
      Ah wat was i gunna say....
      Oh yeah!
      I was dancin earlier and i fell. I hit my head on the counter cause i slipped on a rug now i have a big bruse on the back of my head xD.
      Its fine im fine but hey accdents happen xD!
      Im a start rping wif myself cause im bored and it looks fun xD
    10. bibichick67
      I love you back babe! <3
    11. lord_sardior
      I love you Kiari.
    12. wulfe
      Hey Kiari how are?
    13. lord_sardior
    14. Top Hat Gandhi
    15. wulfe
      LMAO robot chicken is funny XD
    16. cptoverkilll
      RAWR! how are you?
    17. Sephon Mcjagger
      Sephon Mcjagger
      ok ok we gonna play a new game i need your help to make it viral =P lol simple >poke< your in my poker game and thats it make sure to explain so they pass it along =D
    18. wulfe
      Hey how are you?
    19. Conbker
      now now what did I said about looking at my profile
    20. teetop99
      Hey I'm just leaving this here, since I didn't want to waste any pm space, to let you know I'm going to go to bed and won't answer my pms so just remember to be happy and that I and several others are your friends and we all love ya. So goodnight and we'll talk later alright.
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    August 19
    Done with it.
    Fuck You.
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    My name be Kiari~
    Im a nerd xD pokemon and yu-gi-oh were my hobbies n such. I'm starting to fall for the skaterz...help xD. Uh i like to rp. Justin i loves you. Not Beiber! Marty my dog protects me and his new lil sissy scruffles!