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Sep 29, 2012
Jul 27, 2008
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VOOOOOOOOII!, from In the depths of your despair.

Bittersweet was last seen:
Sep 29, 2012
    1. squashy693
      green is hard to read, anyway tis oct though, so i'll probs forget. anyway new and exciting happening wherever you are?
    2. Transparent_Shadow
      Haha good luck with that :P
    3. squashy693
      i see you have the boredom..........................-_- i am wearing a copper ring i made and am going to ZombieWalk in Brisbane, with a tophat made of wire, on 24th of oct.......gunna be awesome!!!!
    4. Transparent_Shadow
      I'm bored too :P Not much to do in this site, only hot chats >.>
    5. squashy693
      .............................there seems to be a failure of a whale on my page *scratches head*
    6. Transparent_Shadow
      Ohh no it's the fail whale! :O
    7. squashy693
      right, i am slightly more sane now, because musical is over and normal school is back, and no i don't think im wearing a hat...............now what was happening?
    8. squashy693
      ok, just to clear things up, i am now actually wearing a hat (i did just pat my head to check). mkay, in the next message i send i should actually be sane again, because tonight was the last show for the musical, which was slightly less amazing.......enjoy translating
    9. squashy693
      ok. now im even tireder, but..........................................THE MUSICAL THINGY WAS FUCKIN AMAZING AND BLAH!!!!!!! im not going to try and translate wat i said yet, because im in a worse state of mind than last night......(yes, i again thought i was just wearing a hat)
    10. squashy693
      that looks rather boss like and such!!! mkay, never heard of Persona 4, for i watch very little animae atm, omg i was just wearing a hat and now it's gone...... anyway if ur still up for the sigmahjig, it twood be rather boss like if were to perchane use a gibson SG, or some lovely boss like guitar.... my dog is sooo fluffy :D * i just got off a fourteen hour day, with 6 hours sleep beforehand.* -goes crazy and falls asleep-
    11. Transparent_Shadow
    12. squashy693
      guhhhh! *dies on keyboard due to musical stuffs* about that chainmail, it's gunna happen!!!! lol jk. errr siggy, hmmmm thinks i don't watch that much anymore, maybe throw a guitar on fire and doing cool shit, if this doesn't make any sense then i put it down to being so tired '-_-' look i made a cat, anyway, do u want me to draw u sketch of something, for i am bored and blahblahblah......*mind blank* *sleeps*
    13. Transparent_Shadow
      I have to say i agree with you, but anyway, maybe some day it will come back to normal :)
    14. squashy693
      busy for the rest of this week, so i doubt i'll post much. Doing lead guitar for the school musical, much work o.0 anyway it's on friday and sat nights so nearly over, i can finally have my life back......apart from that hiding from school work, backflips, u know the usual
    15. Transparent_Shadow
      I've been fine, trying to find new forum to, but it looks impossible :P
    16. squashy693
      that cookie better taste pretty freaking sweet, cause it took you over a month to get it. XD
    17. Transparent_Shadow
      Bittersweet still here! How you been? :P
    18. squashy693
      by the sounds of title probably not. the only manga i've ever read is the Maximum Ride series thingies that were books, but then some people made it into a manga styled comic..
    19. squashy693
      there aren't many out there.....that and i have now idea war GFX is so that doesn't really help...XD
    20. squashy693
      Sup! haven't talked to you in ages, how's life and what not, full of backflippery no doubt?
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