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Sep 29, 2012
Jul 27, 2008
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VOOOOOOOOII!, from In the depths of your despair.

Bittersweet was last seen:
Sep 29, 2012
    1. Offspring27
      Gah! I swear, some people are just too good at drawing! I mean, so many of my friends, and just random people on here can draw soooo good, and I have no artistic ability whatsoever. Friends say, "oh, but you're good at math!" Because math is just so awesome, whoopdy freakin doo! Ugh, I need to go some calculus or something.. v.v (Sorry bout the rant, awesome drawings btw! ^_^|||)
    2. squashy693
      sounds goodly!!!
    3. squashy693
      ok, when it's goodly send me a link and i'll try it out....the problem is i loose interest and usually quit, but meh
    4. Kenichi
      K, thanks.
    5. Kenichi
      "You don't have priviliges for this page or page doesn't exists. "

      ^^ That message appears when I tried the link.
    6. aravindgiri
      Can you make a sig like you made for the disciple?
    7. Eagle Eye
      Eagle Eye
      That Sucks! D:
    8. squashy693
      funnily enough, my mum didn't really care all too much, and my dad got home from work at like 4 which is when i'd be home from school anyway, so it was all good. my parents are the kind that will complain and have "a big talk" when you fail a subject, yet at the same time they don't push me at all, so yeah.....
    9. squashy693
      hmmmm, use a butter spoon....lol. Last night me and my sister did awesomely, and then my band closed, it was very very goodly. but the thing was i was all like "yeah, i'll go to school tomorrow, i'll just rock up late" and my parents were just like "k". so i went to bed, and woke up at about 9. i went to get up and..........fell asleep. i woke up again at like 12 and though i can't be fucked going....so i got out of school today! MUHAHAHAHAHA!.... thats about it really
    10. Eagle Eye
      Eagle Eye
      Its getting late so you play maple? xD
    11. Eagle Eye
      Eagle Eye
      Lol, it doesnt happen in that scene sequence mind you.
    12. Eagle Eye
      Eagle Eye
      Light Yagami. Son of Police Cheif Yagami, supposed boyfriend to Misa Amane, beholder of a Deathnote and subject to the Shinigami named Ryuuk.

      And yes, he does a bit doesnt he? Thats in the last episode, when everyone finds out that he is Kira.
    13. squashy693
      lol, wow there was something really loud in my house *investages* i didn't actually go anywhere, far to lazy, if its a killer they'll have to come get me, im not going to them. anyway, i love being hyperactive, so much fun when the teachers give you that "what the fuck are you on?" look....hehehehehehehehehhehehehhehehee
    14. squashy693
      jump through the computer and beat the shit out of them. !!!!! i am doing two things for variety night/talent thingy.......Im playing a song called reach - eyes set to kill (acoustic) with mah sis, and then my band are closing that night.........isn't it sweet?
    15. kerrod8
      Yeah I have seen it, It's a good movie. I love comedy zombie movies.
    16. Gem_Gem xxxxx
      Gem_Gem xxxxx
      Hello ^^ It's very nice to meet you. =) How are you?
    17. kerrod8
      well we don't talk much so...
      What's up?
    18. squashy693
      sounds cool, but i should probably focus on studying *cough* anyway if i join i'll pm u on fg's
    19. Hyakushiki
      MMORPGs are dangerous. You shouldn't spend too much time on them.
    20. Transparent_Shadow
      Hehe hope you are doing ok with that :P
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