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Sep 11, 2011
Sep 30, 2010
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Over there.. *points and runs*
being cute is a 24/7 job... and i'm not even getti

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bad girls burn in hell!, from Over there.. *points and runs*

cum<3lover<369 was last seen:
Sep 11, 2011
    1. loving2all
      I have moved over to FetLife.com PM Me if you want My fetlife name.
    2. goprosublime
      Youre really pretty *o* heh sorry ^^; how are you? I'm Manny btw,nice to meet you
    3. AshleyRobin
      But we bad girls have fun with it ;3
    4. iceygod
      Hiya =^.^= what are you into?
    5. <3tits
      i would like to fulfill my obligation
      in ur separation
      because i wanna be ur obsession :P
    6. Rock_
      Heya. Wanna role play sometime? ^_^
    7. Heshornyagain
      Really cute nekos btw :3
    8. Animeserf
      Cute, huh?

    9. -Loki-
      Apparently its my obligation to stick my boneration into your separation ;) hehe
    10. Raziel The Horny Dragon
    11. hyderpotter
      Would love to talk to u sometime.
    12. eman12100
      Hello :) Wanna talk sometime? You seem nice:)
    13. shyguytim
      I love that poem on your page, "it's a mans obligation
      to insert his bonneration
      in a womens seperation
      to reliese ejaculation
      to increase the population", So I have an obligation see that Im a man, and I need a woman to full fill my obligation, could that be you?
      and p.s. your private messages are ful
    14. PinkFloydFan420
      hey there PM me! Id love to chat with you :)
    15. cptoverkilll
      welll hello there ^_^
    16. RebelingTheSystem
      itwas a frickin puppy in a giant timber wolfs body! (it wasnt really a timberwolf, think large dobberman mutt)
    17. RebelingTheSystem
      lol, my aunt has this huge dog... some kinda mix or another. anyways, i was over at her house and i didnt know what kinda dog it was cuz she just newly got. i figured it'd be a pup or something, but when oi went outside... well, i practically got tackled by that slombering mutt! i was freaking out trying to curl up and i was say "holycrapholycrapholycrap!!", like,a lot. it was soo funny, and my aunt was just watching. lol, it was rolling and licing and slobering. even in my hair. so gross!! i pushed it off and ran!!! lol, when i was safe behind the glass sliding door, i totally freaked at my aunt. she was laughing. lol, it was funny. i still avoid that mutt.
    18. RebelingTheSystem
      my families a bit different. the only reason i even have lizards are cuz i caught them or bought them for myself. and the turtle... i kinda stole thate one.. :P. but it was, like, a month ago and i found it upside down on the walking path around this lake i didnt wanna let it die there, and i didnt wanna put it back in the water so i decided to keep it. i was gonna tell my parents, but they hated the liazrds, no way are they gonna let me keep a stolen turtle. so yeah, i gotta pay for their food, keep the in my room only, make sure they're healthy, and my parent are a'ight with it.
    19. RebelingTheSystem
      france is the fashion capital, but if you wanna get mens dress wear, you go to italy. been there once, never wanted to leave.... EVER. also, the french language beats the italian language. just saying, romance over rome. also, dogs are a'ight, but ive always been for the weird! got myself a big glass home for a buncha lizards, got a secret box in my closet for the turtle my parents dont kow about i name bubbles, and also a black-ish cat ive named nightmare. shes my petting animal, the rest are just cuz they look so cool. and thats just my pets! granted my brother hates my lizards, he loves dogs... to bad he spends most of his time in his room instead of taking care of ours.
    20. RebelingTheSystem
      nope, it aint you. i gotta buncha cool/creepy girls in my life. just a part of being a floater. you get to know everyone, and everyone knows you waaay before you know them. anyways,speaking of italian, i just love italian food, italian suits, italian shoes, italian leather, but most importantly, italian girls.... well, actually, i think i like the italian shoes more then the italian girls. theyre just soooo cool!!
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    Over there.. *points and runs*
    being cute is a 24/7 job... and i'm not even getti
    I am uhh.. ummm.... wait lemme think.... uhhh.... CUTE!!! :D

    Soccer!!! and RPing~ Singing!!! and random chatting with people~


    it's a mans obligation
    to insert his bonneration
    in a womens seperation
    to reliese ejaculation
    to increase the population..>.<