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Jul 23, 2020
Jan 23, 2007
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Deep inside the forums, lurking.

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Administrator, Male, from Deep inside the forums, lurking.

Staff Member Administratior
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Jul 23, 2020
    1. Scottish Legend
      Scottish Legend
      Hi Devin, just out of curiosity do you still frequent this site at all? If so, could you possibly PM myself if you ever find the time please? This place got me through many difficult times and I would love to pay some of that back if at all possible. Would be more than happy to help in absolutely any way possible if you/others are interested. Your time is always appreciated. Thank you.
    2. Transparent_Shadow
      Hello Devin, forum is been spammed again ! Btw this place is looking quite dead (Forum wise)
    3. Cosmic Star
      Cosmic Star
      This place is looking quite spiffy~ How have you been Devin?
    4. JanineKitty
      Do you think it would be possible to get a dice roller plugin installed for the forum?
      1. Devin
        It's certainly possible.
        Jan 14, 2018
    5. The gamer1718
      The gamer1718
      Hi there, any chance this old account can be deleted? Thanks!
    6. Peach
      Nice to see you back around again.
    7. Sicu
      Hey mate. Seen the site is sorta back but, how can I PM someone? Can't seem to be able to find the button for PM anymore. Or some people can disable it for their profiles? Thanks.
      1. ShroudofDarkness
        The new PM system is called conversation. One way to start a conversation with someone is by clicking on their avatar and clicking "start new conversation".
        Nov 18, 2017
        Sicu likes this.
    8. 123ty123
      oi can u help delete my account or w/e dont want email notifcations anymore o-o
    9. Big_Cat
      So.......you are gonna be active now?
      1. Devin
        Previous site owners neglected the forums and were completely unresponsive. My level of support was diminished, because what I (we) really needed was FTP access to install addons to the forum that would help with alot of the issues we had going on at the time.
        Nov 10, 2017
    10. Spike
      Welcome back :)
    11. Biggirl44
      Hello: I need to know how do you put your profile picture on your account. thank you.
      1. ShroudofDarkness
        Unsure when Devin will be on to respond to your question. Saw this in recent profile posts on forums page. Can provide maybe useful answer. You want to go to your personal details. You can access this by clicking on your icon in the top right of the page. Under personal details there should be a section where you can change your avatar. Use that in order to add a profile picture.
        Oct 30, 2017
    12. luvdatchick
      What happened to the site I can't login to the main game site anymore and there's a lot wrong!
    13. [zephyr]
    14. Owl
      Why is no body responding my comments? I'm just going to cut to the chase here. I have been a member here for 7 years,..and I want to be a moderator. Thank You.
    15. Owl
      Devin,........Can you please reply back to me?? Who owns Funny Games,....and who moderates Funny Games?? I would like all names please.
    16. PaizleeRox
      Thank you for at least trying to fix it, Devin. I appreciate it!
    17. Owl
      Can you please tell me who are the most active moderators on here? It seems there are no moderators except Blackhawk.
    18. merkin8r
      hello , i am the merkin8r and you have just been merkin8ed !..... have a gr8 day . :beer:
    19. furryfoxie
      Can I be an admin? Please? I'm good.
    20. Cosmic Star
      Cosmic Star
      I didn't think I would get a response! HUZZAH! But i'm glad you are doing good ^^
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    Deep inside the forums, lurking.


    If you have a problem with a infraction, please PM me privately. I will gladly look at it and determine whether it was correct or not. Multiple reports of a moderator will result in an investigation.
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