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Sep 3, 2017
Nov 7, 2011
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Sep 3, 2017
    1. Owl
      I understand there is an adult version for this site. However,I'm terribly sorry,I just can't bear to see other members(Especially young teens) putting photos of themselves naked on their avatar,album or even their display picture.Just pains me. Feel free to add me on your friends list. My real name is Bruce by the way. Hope your New Years was good.
    2. MrPHOBO5
      If you ban me again I accept it. But I love, well loved this forum. Just please try and fix it.
    3. bi-furry-lover
      oh yeah, some jerk had hurt a friend of mine on here, and as far as i know, it got taken care of. thank you :3
    4. Owl
      Thanks,...I should pay more attention to what people send to me. I do have a question. I see lots of profiles with photos of penises,vaginas,boobies,and their own anuses.I feel disgusted having to say those words and more disgusted just seeing them. To me it's disgusting. But is it really allowed on here? Oh please tell me it's not. Off I go,..Have to make prepreations for lunch at my Church today. Have a good day.
    5. Angel of Game
      Angel of Game
      lol, sure! Just need to deal with those spambots first. Devin knows what should be done to forum better than me, though. :D
    6. bi-furry-lover
      hehehe its nice to meet you too again :3 and i see you have been visiting my page :3
    7. bi-furry-lover
      yeah its ok, it was for a good cause. and hewo :3
    8. Angel of Game
      Angel of Game
      Looks like I haven't introduced myself to you. Well, hello there!

      Let's evaporat... err... I mean... clean the forums together, aye? :D
    9. Owl
      And a Happy 2012 to you too!
    10. bi-furry-lover
      hi there, thanks for stopping by :3 oh and i have a question, another one of my friends got deleted, her name is Super Sweet Blonde, was she really Rawr Girl? just wondering
    11. Rawr Girl
      Rawr Girl
    12. Deadly shot
      Deadly shot
      Me a moderator?

      I'd be glad to help to sweep the place up.
      I'll just be needing everyone's cooperation and yours (or the others) instructions of what/how to do the job.
    13. Owl
      Oooooo how I love surprises!!!! Thank You for changing my user name. Just got myself a PS3 with a couple games,..I have waited a very long time to get one and actually afford one. So I'll be spending most of my day playing my new PS3 and my WWE12. Cheers! Hope your Christmas was good.
    14. Deadly shot
      Deadly shot
      Well seeing that Devin has chosen a very few as admins, I don't see any harm in getting a few extra hands to revive this place.

      For while there, I thought he just didn't care about this place anymore.
    15. Rawr Girl
      Rawr Girl
      Hey , sorry for annoying you again but it's been months and I still can't delete my group. xD

      And apparently someone said reputation is fixed ?? o.o
    16. ma19m
      how do i change the time it is driving it is supposed to be 11:09am but it says 5:07pm i wouldnt care BUT when i get private messages it throws me off please tell me how to change it i really want to know
    17. Owl
      Hello again!!! I do have a couple questions. First is,..I want to change my name from TheOwl1970 to just Owl. Can that be done? Secondly,last year I have changed my e-mail address.Could my e-mail address be changed through here? Just a couple curious questions. Oh sorry I lied,..I have one more question. I see users names in red,dark red,green,dark blue,etc. Can you make mine in Gold? I like to feel that I'm some kind of Legend in here. He he he!! Well,..I'm off til the New Year,..Merry Christmas and New Year!!
    18. Deadly shot
      Deadly shot
      Oh, a new Admin?

      Hello and hope you can clean this place up.
    19. bi-furry-lover
      thanks, and sorry to hear that
    20. bi-furry-lover
      no problem, i also wish to be ranked up to you and blackhawk's levels, but no one else seems to know how to give others good rep and what not.
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