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Feb 26, 2016
Jul 6, 2010
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November 16
A red foxfurry living with a redfox on "Fox Place"
Import/export cargo shipping management profession

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Hehe! Horny ALL the time!, from A red foxfurry living with a redfox on "Fox Place"

Foxlover4u was last seen:
Feb 26, 2016
    1. sexydragon224
      *looks down* I want to apologize for what I said to your Master I was just mad... I didn't knew what I wrote but clearly I hurted his feelings and I want to say sorry...
    2. bigandbad69
      Happy easter :D
    3. Foxlover4u
      Hello all my furry friends!! Hey, I'm not ignoring ya but am having trouble with my computer server here at my job tonight!! I'm tryin to get on so if ya can have a lil patience I'm sure I can make it on here pretty quick!! So hang in there fur me,ok? Doin best I can!!!
    4. NiGhTFoX
      hehe thanks you for the comments foxxy ^^ hope your doing ok?
    5. hornYKID
      hey there, would you like to cam with me on skype ? ;)
    6. FoxFur
      Foxyyyy :<
    7. Conbker
      foxy sorry if I made you sad please answer my pm as you can I dont want to make you angry
    8. Foxlover4u
      Wow!! Foxxy wants to thank you all for all the visits to my homepage!
      May not seem like many to some, but 4,200 visits in my eyes seems
      like a nice amount in 9 months time?? And ohhh, the wonderful
      friendships that have come from that!! Foxxy thanks each and everyone
      of you for your love, kindness, etc, etc. Chat with ya real soon!
      "Be cool, stay furry!" :hihi:
    9. bigandbad69
      Im sorry i hurt you fox :( I hope we can still be friends... You havent replyed to any of my PMs.
    10. hornypuppy17
    11. Foxlover4u
      Wow!!! What a night!! I accidently made a lil "off color" comment earlier tonight and then *tried my hardest* to apologize, remorsefully, and literally got my ass skinned for it!!!! Since then, till right now nobody has wanted to play or pm me or nothing! I tried to make amends, honest!! Foxxy is soooooo sorry if I peeved anyone off!!! I really, really didn't mean too!! I'm not sure, but maybe(?) I should stay off here for a few days till things get better?? I don't know what to do?? Omg, I am sooo sorry for what I did!!! Please believe me!!! I may check in for pm's tomorrow. I just don't wanna get "skinned up" anymore like I did tonight. I loves ya all and ya know who ya are!!! Foxxy may come on here tomorrow, cautiously! Kinda sad at the moment :sad:. Maybe see ya tomorrow night. "Be cool, stay furry!"
    12. spencer12555
      hey ^^ o3o message?
    13. Smoky the Horse
      Smoky the Horse
      hey foxxy how are you ?
    14. bigandbad69
      This mesage is going out to eveyone in my pets and slaves group! Theres going to be a dmoination fest with marshal going on soon! Go to my pets and slaves group and go to the discusion i posted and follow the instructions i have given!.
    15. bigandbad69
      Ive been thinking about it, and i may not be leaveing just yet... We will see.
    16. NiGhTFoX
      awww foxxy i'm so sorry for you :( i'm always here if you need to talk to me pack bro xxx
    17. Foxlover4u
      PLEASE READ: I just found out my special mate is leaving the site soon! And I am very sad about that,its tearing me up right now. I'm trying to deal with it the best I can. For those who know me well, ya know who my "mate" is. I may not seem to be myself for a while,but I promise I will not take and be a jerk to anyone. I know I'll be upset,emotional,and if I could ask a favor from all my loving friends, I would so greatly appreciate it. For this time,could ya be a lil patient with me as this is like a big loss to me? I will still be on here,I may be a lil slow though.If ya wants to chat or w/e,look me up,and I'll get back to ya as quick as I can. Ya know,foxxy still loves ya all, you're all special to me in your own ways!! I thank you for your understanding and patience during this difficult time!! Foxxy loves ya!! "Be cool,stay furry!"
    18. spencer12555
    19. Foxlover4u
      Yea,let me get back over!! I'm here, hang tight!.....
    20. spencer12555
      hey ^^ reply?
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    November 16
    A red foxfurry living with a redfox on "Fox Place"
    Import/export cargo shipping management profession
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    Oops,same here!
    Male/Redfox/Bi. Furrys are so hot, I love you! Furrys rule forever!

    Anything related to foxes, Foxfurrys. Admiring my fur! And being a furry n' proud of it!


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    Yiff,yiff,muzzle lock. *Furrys know this!*
    " Be cool, stay furry! "