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Feb 26, 2016
Jul 6, 2010
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November 16
A red foxfurry living with a redfox on "Fox Place"
Import/export cargo shipping management profession

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Hehe! Horny ALL the time!, from A red foxfurry living with a redfox on "Fox Place"

Foxlover4u was last seen:
Feb 26, 2016
    1. spencer12555
      *hugs* i dont wanna go TT__TT
    2. spencer12555
      ^__^ yay ure on
    3. spencer12555
    4. sexypuppy18
      hi. sorry i was gone for SO long. i missed you all p-q did anyone miss puppy?
    5. bigandbad69
      I realy missed you ^^ *Prods* Im so glad your back!
    6. Foxlover4u
      Hello all my lovely furry friends! I'm finally back! Got my move all done into my new home! OMG,I freakin love it!! Its ta die for!! Lotsa work,am worn out! I will try to catch back up with everyone,ok? Try to be patient with me please? I loves ya all and missed ya all sooo much!! This tired foxy is gonna get some sleep now,but I will be here the same as my schedule before. I'll be lookin fur ya!! Loves ya all soooo much,sooo good to be back,YAY!! **Foxy jumps up/down,does circles,and barks happily!!** :biggrin:
    7. Jackson888
      i uploaded a pic for yew! its also for big, but hes already seen it!
    8. FoxFur
      Poke* How are you? Haven't heard from you in awhile, I'm getting kinda worried.
    9. XxTheDarkWolfxX
      well hello there =] you like foxes.... i love foxes maybe you can show me how much you love them xxx
    10. Jackson888
      YEAH! you hit it dead on ! furry haters need to find something better to do then rag on people at least 20 years younger in most cases. they are so mean.

      remember how i told you about my backyard fox? i remember i hadda backway (lol this is an edit, but i typed "hadda backway" because i was thinking of haddaway.lol) raccoon too. i liked him a lot. he got rabies and my family had to kill it. i was sad. you take care of kenny mkay?
    11. Furry-Werewolf loover
    12. Furry-Werewolf loover
      Furry-Werewolf loover
      Yay! :D I thoguht you were leavin' me :S
    13. Foxlover4u
      Hello my fellow furrys!Ok, just want ta update ya. I'm tryin ta get to as many of ya as I can tonight cause I'll be startin my move tomorrow morning early and I wont have internet service until either Sunday night or possibly as late as Tuesday. I'm pushin 'em for Sunday though.While I'm off I'll be thinkin of ya all and missin everyone till I get back online.I'm not leavin forever, just a small bit o' time till I get service at my new home.As soon as its hooked in, I'll be right back on!!! I would never consider leavin my furry friends and not comin back!! I loves ya all so much, you are all so kind and loving, much better than any "hooman" friends, LOL!!!!! I loves ya all with all my furry heart!! A day without ya is like a year with no love. Thats how I feel, but, I will be back asap! So this loving foxy will hope that ya will wait fur me. I love ya all!! You're all so special, and you real special ones know who ya are!! See ya real quick!! :thumb:
    14. Jackson888
      it is the most inspirational moment of my week. i believe i should win oversharer of the week award ;) dont be ashamed to cook. i cook too.o and thanks fur the site. im gonna get every last one on my iPod ;)
    15. paws the furry
      paws the furry
      ive posted a few new pic
    16. Jackson888
      lol you posted that to yourself! everyone sees it ^^ maybe i can try your spaghetti someday?
    17. Foxlover4u
      Furrys the best!!!! But hey,my spaghetti isn't too bad either!! LOL!!! Enjoy the furry music! My most best songs are: Coyena,Vulpine Demo,Cool'Coon,Neat Fox,The Hunt,The Old Keep. I happen to have had the chance over the years to meet these furrys that make this music,like at furcons and stuff. So its all got a very special place in my heart! Goin to work now,I'll check in a lil later!! Enjoy!!
    18. Jackson888
      thanks so much ^^ i still wouldve searched high and low. furry is better than spaghetti. yay furry
    19. Jackson888
      ill search high and low for furry music ;) what are you r favorite rock bands. it doesnt have to be a small list id like to hear a lot of them.
    20. Jackson888
      i read you like woodstock era 70s 80s rock and some jazz. i love that stuff ;)
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    November 16
    A red foxfurry living with a redfox on "Fox Place"
    Import/export cargo shipping management profession
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    Oops,same here!
    Male/Redfox/Bi. Furrys are so hot, I love you! Furrys rule forever!

    Anything related to foxes, Foxfurrys. Admiring my fur! And being a furry n' proud of it!


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