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Jul 17, 2010
Feb 10, 2010
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love being lez!

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Jul 17, 2010
    1. mario6


      Ubisoft tipped us off to a new Flash game they've made to promote Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Now, it may just be that I've been playing a lot of Tomena Sanner lately but I think this is damn good.

      Spanning six levels, it's a forced-scrolling platformer where the Prince runs from left to right and you have to jump obstacles. You can jump, wall climb, run across ceilings and attack with a sword. You can also rewind time when you kick it and do so as often as you wish, the idea being that the time it takes to complete the game is the actual challenge.

      You can check out the game here. I do recommend it. A surprisingly fun diversion, this.

      Flash Games for Teen - Games for Kids.
    2. frogirl99
      well either nobody read this or nobody actually thinks i am a fake. well the fact is though im ashamed to admit it, i am a fake. i feel as though i hav to admit this becuz iv finally realized how stupid, immature, wrong, and perverted what i was doing really was. im sorry to all the people i deceived and to anyone who sent me pictures, dont worry, though u probably wont believe this, i never sent them to anyone and i hav now permanently deleted them all from my computer. once again i am truly sorry to all the REAL people i deceived. i just hav one more thing to say, and this goes to all the guys pretending to be girls so they can meet girls, and i know theyre r loads of u, grow some balls and go out and meet some real girls!
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