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Feb 20, 2014
Oct 16, 2013
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Holder of the Tyrants Eye

FutaForYuuta was last seen:
Feb 20, 2014
    1. KirbyMST3K
      Might as well say hello since i stopped by.

      Have a nice one!
    2. Heggisist
      what a shame, people should have the utmost respect for eachother, not only does it prevent someone from being pushed away burger it also makes everyone feel better. I have been fortunate that those I share more personal contact information with (like my phone number) exercise this type of respect leaving me alone when I ask and not disrespecting me. as a community here we should make it known that harassment is never ok. I know here is a place where our weird and unusual fetishes can be openly displayed, lets keep our place a safe place.
    3. Badoggie
    4. TerrytheStoner
      Hey, saw your problem! Listen, my mom's a lawyer. She probably can't practice in your state, but I can get you some legal advice about this kind of thing. I may be a horrible perverted monster, but if someone is stalking you, they might start stalking me! And that'd be terrible!
    5. Badoggie
      I am sorry someone is harassing you T.T.
    6. FutaForYuuta
      So the reason I've kind of completely stopped logging on is because someone on here somehow managed to get their hands on my contact info, and real life harassment is kind of where I draw the line. I still have no clue who this person is, but needless to say, I'm going to continue avoiding this site. Please just leave me alone.
    7. darker-deep-down
      lol Howdy there ma'am *tips hat in greeting*
    8. lead118
      How old is Rikka?
    9. iceygod
      Haha those are great shows especially Shingeki no Kyojin. So what's your all time favorite anime?
    10. Annabelle100
      Hi. You should pm me. :3
    11. Kate the Kitty Cat
      Kate the Kitty Cat
      hello~ sorry for the delay, i have been busy xD Im glad you liked my characters. maybe we could rp?
    12. Nekromatik #ki
      Nekromatik #ki
      Thanks for the picture comments. :3
    13. MikaneSokura
      why you stop talkin to me? D:
    14. xJessica
      I'm glad you're enjoying it ^.^ I hope you got my last message for it!
    15. gay_wolf<3
      Hiya, thanks for the comments n.n
    16. wind sermera
      wind sermera
      Thank u for the commit u placed happy u liked the pics
    17. Mr Mordor
      Mr Mordor
      Is something wrong going on?
    18. FutaForYuuta
      Please leave me alone, Ms. Stalker ~
    19. Nelliel Tu
      Nelliel Tu
      gaaah thats shameless advertisement! ok so whats it called, maybe its on netflixs :'[
    20. Mr Mordor
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    Rikka here, hello and welcome to my profile. ^^

    I like to ERP as either female or futa, depending on my partner and mood. :3

    I'm mostly interested in other girls right now, but femboys and futas are definitely a high priority for me too! ~