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Hannah Of Hyrule
Last Activity:
Oct 24, 2019
Jun 25, 2011
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June 1
Kakariko Village

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Hannah Of Hyrule

Out saving Hyrule!, from Kakariko Village

Hannah Of Hyrule was last seen:
Oct 24, 2019
    1. ShroudofDarkness
      Cartographer is where I will build stuff for my server, it is a server rank not really minecraft thing. Means I will be helping the server grow and expand, and make it easier on the others ^_^. Its pretty fun game, plenty of things to do with all the creative ideas people come out with. They actually sell gift cards here in the United States for those without a credit card. So how is your birthday so far?
    2. lead118
      Well I was planning on keeping you in my basement and pretending you were a pikachu girl, but letting you keep your freedom is fine too ^o^
    3. ShroudofDarkness
      Also happy birthday if I am not too late D: Sorry that I did not notice earlier.
    4. ShroudofDarkness
      Doing great. I am in happy mood because I learned I am getting staff on minecraft server I play on. Cartographer ^_^, also chatting with friends, enjoying my weekend before exams (yuck), and watching youtube videos. Few more days before my summer break. :3
    5. lead118
      As long as you're doing well, it doesn't really matter if you're on the site or not.
      Geez though it's been awhile since I talked to you. I still had that awful job :[
      Also just to be safe I'm going to have to become your stalker... just to make sure our totally un-creepy friendship doesn't end >:3
      *hands you a perfectly normal apple* go on... Eat it.
    6. lead118
      *hugs hugs hugs*
      I thought you had left forever D:
      Glad to see you! ^3^
    7. WOLFII
      Happy birthday Hannah... I hope you get a nice present...
    8. Kitten Bloodfang
      Kitten Bloodfang
      Happy birthday hannah! Hope you didn't have to reply to a TON of these xD
    9. Kretoss
      Happy birthday, hope you'll have your wishes come true and be truly happy. ;)
    10. RuneKnight94
      Happy birthday Hannah! Hope yo uenjoy your day as much as you can, enjoying yourself with cake, gifts, candies, and anything else you'd love to have :3
      *hugs you and gives a Pikachu stuffed doll with Link's clothing*
    11. sluttybunny
      :O I just realized its your birthday! *Throws confetti and balloons all around and sets up a little party for me you and wuffz* I gots pikachu cake and presents and everything else :3 <3. Hope you have a wonderful birthday Hannah. Like wuffz said, relax as much as possible. You need and deserve the rest.
    12. Wuffz
      Have a wonderful birthday, sweetheart. Enjoy it thoroughly, party hard and relax as much as possible. This is your day, use it to your liking. <3
    13. Sicu
      Happy Birthday Hannah^^
    14. .Kitteh.
      Happy birthday to you~! :3 ♡
      to both of us x3
    15. .Kitteh.
      Happy birthday to you~! :3 ♡
      to both of us x3
    16. Venn
      Happy Birthday big sister ^^
      Glad I get to tell you this while you are back :)
      I hope you have a wonderful and amazing day, try not to be too wild today too ^^
      Love you~!
    17. lead118
      Happy birthday, wherever you are buddy. <3
    18. ShroudofDarkness
      Good evening Miss (or Mrs.) Hannah, how are you?
    19. RedAngel
      Hi mrs Hannah
    20. WOLFII
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    June 1
    Kakariko Village


    +18 Content on my page, friend request at your own risk >3

    Hi there, everyone~! <3 I recently deleted my friends list because it was causing problems whenever I tried to add someone, so if you've found that you're no longer on my list then don't worry! Just re-add me ^^ And if we're meeting for the first time, add me too! I love making new friends :3 Though, if you are going to add me, please don't do so and then not bother to say anything when I post on your profile. That's just silly X3

    Furthermore, If you have any complaints or questions about the site or forums, feel free to leave me a PM! I'm online fairly frequently so I can help Moderate anything needed~ >3


    *Blows kisses* <33