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Sep 21, 2017
Feb 16, 2011
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making you feel good ;)

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kik- magichands11, from england

heretoplay was last seen:
Sep 21, 2017
    1. tastysonya
      Hmm... Big hard cocks and juicy wet pussies for two. ;) What makes you hard?
    2. Kate_Angus2
      I can, yeah..
    3. Vickan
      well thank you ;)
    4. BeaW
      you like me blone, becuse blondes have more fun! sluts everyone ;)
      whit my lips, your going to go above heaen ;)
      im a RP, and some fantesys i get out IRL :P
    5. BeaW
      haha greate, guess im buxom then! ;)
      yes i was! allmost every single guy i pickt up down there wanted to play nanny RP when i told them what i did, haha ^^
      haha well.... if iknow one more of the guys in it, i like when its more when one, haha you could have all the single practis you wanted ^^
      the tumbnail, is about 1 year old, the profil pic is more up to date! :)
      only placce im blond at is my head, only place whit hair :P
    6. BeaW
      Sweden, yaa ;) whats buxum?
      im a bit curvy! medium ass and big breasts ^^
      ohh, trust me, there are! and iknow how to finde them! haha! espelly during the summer when tourists come here :D
      i lived in london for 1 year! i was a nanny!
      haha, your willing to share me? :P
    7. BeaW
      haha, becuse when i singlei can do eny one i want, when i want ^^
      and i get boarrd whit the same guy very fast!
      im from sweden :)

      and u? ^^
    8. Brittany69
    9. BeaW
      haha i bet you think that ;)
      school can be brutal yaa, i sent them to a boyfriend then, we broke up, and then everyone saw them! wasent a revange thing, he just thought it would be funny!
      and now im an angle and never do it enymore :P
    10. BeaW
      haha, only IRL in that case ;)
      took nudes when u was younger, they ended up all over my school :P
    11. BeaW
      I do have a lingerie i like to use! :)
    12. BeaW
      deppends :) most of the time its just all nude! but if im playing some RP i dress up :D
    13. BeaW
      a loud gargler? :P
      i love biting and scrathing :D
    14. BeaW
      dont worry about that, im a screamer! ;)
    15. BeaW
      Thats not someting i would say no to, haha :D
    16. wetlover
      I dont know if its everyday or certain times of the day, but i've been able to get on here 2 or 3 times since before Christmas!! :???: I dont know, maybe the guy that owns it is having server problems or hasnt paid his broadband bill :p haha. LOOOOOK! I replied before the summer :D The start of the New Years not been to bad thanks, well its been pretty good really as we havent had the rain and flooding up here like a lot of other places :) Whats it like where you are? Oh i didnt make any resolutions at all, that way i dont disappoint myself for my lack of will power when i break them!!! hahaha. Did you make and break any? :)
    17. wetlover
      Hey Happy New Year, i hope you had a good one? :) Its a bit late, but this is the first time since before Christmas i've been able to log on without getting a message saying "Sorry people, the board is unavailable at the moment" :???: (Nothing new there then!) haha
    18. wetlover
      Ohhh massage oil sounds good :) Well i could point to a couple of things that are cold... but they're already pointing themselves!!! haha. So are you done with your xmas shopping now then? Just planned xmas day/boxing day with family and see what else happens and take it from there, but basically just chill and pig out!! :p Awww that sucks, are you working all of xmas? No work for me from this friday till 6th Jan woohooo! :D
    19. sluty girl mandy
    20. BeccaLouisee
      Defiantly ;) X
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    making you feel good ;)
    dark hair light eyes.....clearing out fake friends and men pretending to be women

    gaming, flirting, more :p


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