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Feb 5, 2008
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May 6
In Chocolate Land.
I own Chocolate World.

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i2's Chocolate Megatron., from In Chocolate Land.

    1. MrPHOBO5
      Hey Hershey. I hope all is well. If you ever come back, my discord is DarkStar#6525 I'd love to chat again.
    2. chapina
    3. RedAngel
      Happy birthday hope You have a great
    4. Senza
      I`m really sad about you :( Where is you!
    5. [zephyr]
      Chocon00b!! Where b u?!!1!1?
    6. The Sims
      The Sims
      Are you actually gunna stick around and clean up this site, or are you gunna run away like all the others do and not give a fuck about all the users here that must put up with constant creeps feeding us full of perverted bullshit? Some users like it, I certainly do NOT
    7. powerboy101
      hey :) there
    8. supercrosrider298
    9. a7x girl
      a7x girl
      just got to say i love the joker pencil drawing
    10. Owl
      Boo!! Did I scare ya?? Just dropped by to say Hello,..and hopefully your Christmas holidays was good.
    11. Grey Dreams
      Grey Dreams
      You have a point... Can't you ban people with their pen0r (I'd rather type that than the actual word...) as a profile pic? I don't understand how that isn't against the rules.
    12. Sephon Mcjagger
      Sephon Mcjagger
      huh red... name >o< i want a red name my favorate color is red >wahhhh< ^^ oh nevermind i love that candy by the way 10 for 10 on the name yay CANDY
    13. Grey Dreams
      Grey Dreams
      O.o Why would a guy pretend... oh nevermind.

      Can't you guys like, bann them or something?
    14. Grey Dreams
      Grey Dreams
      I'm sorry about getting the mod/admin thing mixed up, I'm colour blind, so I can't tell the difference between your name colour and an admin;s name colour, only the fact that you bann people.

      I know EXACTLY how you feel, about being inactive. The only reason I've returned to the forum is because I made friends with Scottish-Legend, and I just come by to see if the forum has, you know, gotten better.
    15. Grey Dreams
      Grey Dreams
      If you look on our (admittedly short) conversation, you'll see that we have conversed before. :)

      You even told me I could friend you! But then again, you being an admin (I think you are an admin, right?) must have you get at least one thousand messages a day.
    16. Grey Dreams
      Grey Dreams
      Heh... I guess I removed you from my friend list when I went crazy and purged everyone I found annoying, didn't like, or who I didn't remember.

      Sorry! ^.^
    17. Colt
      Ouch, I knew I shouldn't have returned :( :P
    18. Colt
      So you got a problem with yourself?
    19. Colt
      You got beef with Pepperoni or something?
    20. Grey Dreams
      Grey Dreams
      Hello. I have few questions I'd like to ask...

      Are green names for moderators, and red for the administration?

      Also, I'd like to be part of the community here, but I don't like it when certain people post on my page (Like people with naked pictures for avatars.) How can i get it so that you have to friend me before you post on my page? Hannah of Hyrule has it like that.
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    May 6
    In Chocolate Land.
    I own Chocolate World.
    Le` Chocolate Megatron.

    Pirates of the French Variety.



    You totally rock, Hyaku.