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Ino hamarashi
Last Activity:
Mar 22, 2014
May 31, 2013
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Ino hamarashi

insanity and depression, from earth to spread madness

Ino hamarashi was last seen:
Mar 22, 2014
    1. Big_Cat
      You are most very welcome. The comment does hold true, and I know a specific wolf that could end up being VERY loyal to her. Tis a shame she is lesbian though, she could have a very loyal mate otherwise, even though he is only partially human. :/
    2. Blue Wolf
      Blue Wolf
      thank you for visiting my profile!
    3. Heggisist
      Hello, you remind me of several of my herd mates. I'm quite friendly.
    4. UndeadHollywood
      *Covers the bottom of my face with a Dracula style cape* You have defiled my sacred profile by visiting it without so much as a "Hello". (Granted this site has an 8 characters or more rule for posting VM's). You must answer my riddle or be cursed forever! When is a jar not a door? Wait... no, that's not right. It's, when is a door not a jar? Or was it, when is a cabbage... Bleh!
    5. jeffery begay
      jeffery begay
      yeah same here but now they are banned
    6. jeffery begay
      jeffery begay
      idk it started last week with that whole bored is down crap
    7. jeffery begay
      jeffery begay
      honestly idk it happen to me and a friend but then i was no longer am so it's odd for me too and wondering the same to
    8. Ino hamarashi
      Ino hamarashi
      hey.i'm technically back. did anyone else notice people getting banned?
    9. dcchristian
      hey there its been a while :)
    10. DiminishingReturns
      xD Thats funny~ Also sorry for my late response >w<
    11. Unsleeping Virus
      Unsleeping Virus
      You realize that half the people in the group aren't doing... anything... right?
    12. MikaneSokura
      please all disreguard the last VM from that failure of an acc as it refuses to work. this is all frustrasting on me, and possibly irritating to the rest of you. please forgive me.
    13. Mikane
      to any and all who read this, I am currently on my backup acc, which the name is seen above this VM. I will be adding all again while I try to recover my account. I will be adding and messaging certain people.
    14. ShyFutaCutie
      She eats fruits mostly. c: So it's okay!
    15. adorable angel
      adorable angel
      well ok ur group ur rules ^^ ill switch her over
    16. adorable angel
      adorable angel
      awwww i no wanna be dark side...but if you really say i must oh and adoptable i put homeless instead ^^" sorry
    17. Unsleeping Virus
      Unsleeping Virus
      Well, if that ain't a low fucking blow.
      Undead is just trying to muscle me out because of his childish attitude.

      I thought we were supposed to be having some kind of a private roleplay... Was that just in my mind?
    18. allonon23
      Did you get my rp reply?
    19. UndeadHollywood
      Hey there, I was wondering, can I have a role on your RP? Like head of security or the keeper? And could it be my same character? If not, I can upload another one :)
    20. Blue Wolf
      Blue Wolf
      Thanks for visiting my profile :3 If theres anything I can do for you just ask ^-^
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  • About

    earth to spread madness
    PS3 Name:
    don't got 1
    madness remains alone.

    terraria,minecraft, madness


    i'll understand if any of you find me to be cruel, strange, unfair, or just don't like me for something I said or did. I won't blame you for removing me as a friend. I suffer from dyslexia and instability. I've only beaten one of the two. I've had my fair share of fights, of nearly beating someone to death, and he did the same to me.

    i'm an open book to all and I have nothing to hide. all you need to do is ask. please save all your rude and snottish remarks in a folder in the back of your head or burn them on a piece of paper. I have no care for your snippy comments. i'm already buggy enough.

    I understand that people here like to roleplay. well that's fine, but if you wish to roleplay with me, we talk out the limitations, as my heart has been willingly stolen. if you own 1 of my pets and a roleplay is started, these limits will still be in affect, so please ask what limits affect you. please and thank you. I hope you are all understanding.

    I think I screwed up...I hope not...if I did,please tell me...and please forgive me...