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Ino hamarashi
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Mar 22, 2014
May 31, 2013
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Ino hamarashi

insanity and depression, from earth to spread madness

Ino hamarashi was last seen:
Mar 22, 2014
    1. advanced001
      Haha alright :3
    2. advanced001
      I was saying that that picture seems like something Raven would do :3 hehehe
    3. PaizleeRox
      Yup... Cartoon network fucked up with TTG even more than Nickelodeon fucked up with Avatar Legend of Korra
    4. PaizleeRox
      Yeah.... Fucking Teen Titans Go... My sister loves it, I watched 3 minutes of it and I gagged
    5. PaizleeRox
      Yeah. Its good for little kids, but older ones like the original one best. And if they make a new episode of TT its going to be fucked.
    6. PaizleeRox
      The bad things go on and on
      No mention of any badguys, not even the small-scale ones.
      No honorary Titans EXEPT Titans East are mentioned.
      Jokes are gay.
      The characters went south, BBs taste for tofu was escalated, most of Robins weapons are nonexistent, Starfire is derpier, Raven doesn't use Asreath Mentreon Zinthos, ( which I always misspell ) Cyborg is just WHY.
    7. PaizleeRox
      Yeah. I hate how people now think kids want stupid jokes instead of action... The only perk of TTG is how the voices sound relatively the same, and Starfire and Robins relationship was kept at a smaller scale.
    8. PaizleeRox
    9. PaizleeRox
      Now I can only find this online and on really laggy sites, but its worth it...
    10. PaizleeRox
      Yeah. I remember that one night I was going to set the reminder for TT, and it wasn't there. I was devastated.
    11. PaizleeRox
      Slade was badass. I remember the episode where Robin thought he saw slade, and the bombs on the bridge and the sensors and Cyborg saying " The more he fought, the more he was hurt" and I hardly remember anything at all XDD
    12. PaizleeRox
      Theres no one else who even remembers it. I always liked how Robin got more badass after Tara died.
    13. PaizleeRox
      Im sorry im pretty much the ultimate Teen Titans fangirl.
    14. iceygod
      Yeah if you're still there that's fine. What's up?
    15. Managarm
      Thanks for visiting my page.
    16. Mr Mordor
      Mr Mordor
      Go home FG, your drunk xD
    17. Mr Mordor
      Mr Mordor
      I was going to add a picture from one of my albums, then its telling me to ACTUALLY add another photo to my album
    18. iceygod
      Haha good :) Is that why she stopped sendng me PMs? I guess it might. That's great though, I've (sorta) known you for awhile and I hope you two have lots of fun. She's cute you know :P. You probably are too haha. Well if you need someone to regular rp with, just ask me. Also how are you doing?
    19. Mr Mordor
      Mr Mordor
      Lol, I was trying to post my character in the group, but I got confused
    20. Ms.LittlePinky
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  • About

    earth to spread madness
    PS3 Name:
    don't got 1
    madness remains alone.

    terraria,minecraft, madness


    i'll understand if any of you find me to be cruel, strange, unfair, or just don't like me for something I said or did. I won't blame you for removing me as a friend. I suffer from dyslexia and instability. I've only beaten one of the two. I've had my fair share of fights, of nearly beating someone to death, and he did the same to me.

    i'm an open book to all and I have nothing to hide. all you need to do is ask. please save all your rude and snottish remarks in a folder in the back of your head or burn them on a piece of paper. I have no care for your snippy comments. i'm already buggy enough.

    I understand that people here like to roleplay. well that's fine, but if you wish to roleplay with me, we talk out the limitations, as my heart has been willingly stolen. if you own 1 of my pets and a roleplay is started, these limits will still be in affect, so please ask what limits affect you. please and thank you. I hope you are all understanding.

    I think I screwed up...I hope not...if I did,please tell me...and please forgive me...