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Jul 1, 2011
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Aug 2, 1994 (Age: 26)
In somebody's basement ;]
Being your slutty and kinky slave <33

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Slutty asian cum dump, 26, from In somebody's basement ;]

    1. mrcamguy
      hi there, ur hot! fancy talking to a young guy from Belfast on msn ? or facebook ? :D
    2. MrJonny
      Hey, PM me please ;)
    3. shanechung199118
      That or I'd love to trade pics with you and see your hot little body in action ;)
    4. hardwolf556
      We should chat sometime, I got a couple of friends that would love to fill you up in every hole till your leaking cum.
    5. Ninja F!sh
      Ninja F!sh
      hey hotty should talk sometime
    6. bigmark2
      I would love to be in your holes while your tied up
    7. willy2012
      Hehe <333 oh kitty you're the best kind of dirty slut anyone could ask for x3 <3 you make me so harddd ;~; I wanna get you so used up and filled by endless of cocks fucking you silly and coating you in hot smelly sticky delicious semen ;3 it's good you want that treatment because I want to make it happen and make you into a dirtier cum dump once you meet up with me ;D be mine baby and i'll fulfill your slutty dreamsss ♥
    8. Wonderwall
      Hey you look really cute.
    9. Warhound
      wow, you're super cute and you sound like a super fun fuck :3 i'd love to stuff you full of cum over and over again, doll. <3
    10. Champ094
      your a sexy one, would love to fill you with my big cock
    11. hardwolf556
      Ill hop in line with willy and fill all your fucking holes over and over with loads of cum.
    12. willy2012
      that's so perfect ;~; I need a cum dumpster slave filled with as many cocks as she wants x3 the more the better <333 you need cocks in your mouth, both hands, ass, pussy, others slapping your tits and face, and others (50+? ;D ) behind waiting for their turn after the ones using you filled up your holes with cum and covered your sexy slutty asian face all sticky white ;w; if you lived with me, that treatment is what you'll be getting 100% guaranteed ;)
    13. willy2012
      we should love <3 (; I wanna humiliate you slutty cum dumpster ~ I'll tie you up naked on a toilet one day make you a public cum toilet so everyone that comes to the bathroom can pee all over you and also fuck your ass pussy and mouth cumming lots filling up my slutty asian cum dump ;w; I'd be glad to set that up for you c; I really wanna see you hold two dicks as you get one fucking your face too! <3
    14. youngSLUT16
      mmmmm ur reallyyy sexyyy I would lovee to sprays some girliee cum on you ;) PM me sometime
    15. willy2012
      i miss my lovely slut Bethany ): I wanna dump so much cum I have inside your sweet slutty pussy <3 I have plenty for you held in my cock and we'll bring you more cocks x3
    16. LewisMeex
      mmm i'd love a nice little asian slut to have some fun with, wanna pm? ;)
    17. zigkek
      Hey hows it goin~! ^^
    18. hardwolf556
      We really should chat sometime, i need me a cum craving little asian fuck slut.
    19. hot17maus
      hey your really hot let me know if you would like to have some fun im 18/m/aus and i've got my cock pierced ;)
    20. tht1guyusaw
      aweeee u are adorable ^_^
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    Aug 2, 1994 (Age: 26)
    In somebody's basement ;]
    Being your slutty and kinky slave <33
    A slutty little asian! <3 I love exhibitionism~ Don't be afraid to email me ^^

    I love tentacles and bondage, but most importantly, being exposed and humiliated in public! <3