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Apr 6, 2012
Apr 20, 2010
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Christian Coma = Sex God!

lolli321 was last seen:
Apr 6, 2012
    1. Comegetme
      wow, kinda sucks you share an account ^^;;
    2. lolli321
      Who r u talking 2 ?!?!?!?
    3. Crrrrrazzy
      Thanks for last night honey, It was extremely hot ;) Love you <3 Want some LSD? SPONGE BOB B.o.B
      Beautiful girls all over the world i could be chasing but m time would be wasted they got nothing on youuuuu baby, n-n-n-n-nothing on you baby
    4. lolli321
      and dont u 4get it!!!
    5. Luvlestlust
      dam, your situation is confusing!
    6. lolli321
      OMFG my older bro (16 yr old) showed me a picture in 1 of crrrraaaazzy's pics and he FORCED me to look at it. im glad i escaped (posted by 13 yr old)
    7. lolli321
      ugh i share a profile wit my bros and sisters. i know i said they moved out wit my dad but my 18 yr old bro and 18 yr old sis moved out wit him and now they got a place of their own and they pretend that they r 12,13,14,15, and 16. ok the only ppl that use this profile r me the 13 yr old my 18 yr old sis my 18 yr old bro my 10 yr old sis and my 16 yr old bro. OK!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!!?
    8. ashy12
      xD hey loli
    9. Maria1975
      You're 10? You told TheOwl you were 14. Just how old are you really?
    10. Crrrrrazzy
      Lol your not 10, ive seen you post all around this site that your 12, 13, 14 etc.. and besides thats ok xD
    11. lolli321
      Dude im 10!!!! So just nock the fvck of!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok!?!?!?!?!?
    12. Crrrrrazzy
      Ive got a naughty game we can both play ;) check out my profile and message me back or just add me on msn jol_94@hotmail.co.uk xx
    13. lolli321
      ok me the 13 yr old the 18 yr old boy and girl and the 16 yr old r moving and my dad dont have enough money 2 by a computer so until then this is a good-bye from the me the 13 yr old the 2 18 yr olds and the 16 yr old. the now 10 yr old (wuz 9 any way) is going 2 be the new lolli321
    14. lolli321
      kk. i will
    15. hornyguy3333
      Tell your 16 year old brother to pm me
    16. lolli321
      do u ppl know a guy on here with the username rmon? well he is in my class and u know wat he wuz doing 2 some of the girls? he was going behind them,putting his arms around that girl's cheast,and doing squats. he wuz supossed 2 get suspened from scool 4 2 days put then the principal changed it 2 1 day. im sooo glad i wuz not a victum.
    17. Maria1975
      There is a guy "6inchesofsteel" with very nasty pictures.I hope he gets banned.
    18. lolli321
      ok they agreed and me?
    19. lolli321
      hold on im tellin my bros and sisters 2 make their own profile cuz im wuz the 1 who made it.
    20. robert_rz
      Hello how are you beatiful
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    Christian "CC" Coma = Sex God!