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May 7, 2018
Oct 12, 2010
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macca2kx was last seen:
May 7, 2018
    1. Unsleeping Virus
      Unsleeping Virus
      If they're fake, let them be fake. If you haven't noticed, no one gives a flying donkey fuck about the fakes around here.
      You're wasting so much time trolling around the bridges here, looking for someone to call fake. Trying to change the minds of these idiots isn't going to happen even of you drop proof on them.
    2. Unsleeping Virus
      Unsleeping Virus
      And the majority of profiles registered to this website are either inactive or spambots. Gather real statistics if you're going to try to throw them in someone's face, fuckwit.
    3. Unsleeping Virus
      Unsleeping Virus
      Not all of the people on this site are fakes. You're just completely unsettled by your wretched appearance that anyone with anything that looks better than you is a fake.
      Most of the people I interact with here puts some form of actual information into their profiles and messages.
      Have fun with your stupidity and beauty complex.
    4. Unsleeping Virus
      Unsleeping Virus
      Point proven. For what reason did you have to stalk through my conversation?
      Clearly, there are fakes. But when you go and accuse them all, you're just being an ass. Which you are.
    5. Unsleeping Virus
      Unsleeping Virus
      Actually, I know she stole pictures. I was talking about a different person. Good job making an ass of yourself.
      If you had taken just a few minutes to swing by, you may or may not have seen my standing accusation of stolen pictures. I say "may or may not" because she may have deleted the messages with the accusation.
    6. Unsleeping Virus
      Unsleeping Virus
      So, you stalk and inaccurately accuse people of having stolen pictures...
      Good job, dipshit.
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