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Sep 21, 2018 at 11:27 AM
Sep 25, 2017
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Barcelona, Spain
Game and website developer

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Administrator, Male, from Barcelona, Spain

Staff Member Administratior

Hi, this week the missing accounts should be available. Maybe we can see how that works out first. We're fixing a lot of issues one-by-one. Oct 11, 2017

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Viewing forum list, Sep 21, 2018 at 11:27 AM
    1. Daniel Levin
      Daniel Levin
      hello Martijn, I am Daniel with SinVR.co (VR and PC adult games). Wanted to inquire about listing our games with you. My email is Daniel@sinvr.co . If you can send me a quick email so I can reply in detail.

    2. Horny_Foxxx
      How do I get my media to show on my page?
    3. TaBz3
      Is it possible to add features like account deletion (automated)? I don't play flash games any longer, so I'm just sanitising any inactive accounts attached to my email.

      EDIT: or browser games in general.
    4. iceygod
      Thanks for fixing a lot of issues with the forums and wishing the best for you.
    5. katiejane
      I have managed to beat the high score on the waitress game about 4 times but It will not let me post my score. Plz can u help me I have even took picture of it so I have proof
    6. SouthernBeauty22
      Good morning, Mike. I'd love to work as a content editor here on FG because I love computers and I have a habit of proofreading and editing whatever I type.
    7. Velvet Hammer
      Velvet Hammer
      Been away for awhile I can still log in but can't see or play any games! Yes I've updated my flash! WTW!
    8. shaqil
      Salutations Martijn.

      First of all, thank you for offering funny games some life again.

      Professional designer and self occupied artist here. Also a funny games enthusiast. I have read through your post, and regardless of noticing it being kinda old, but I have to express interest. Send me a message to talk more about this further on if the interest for cooperation is mutual.
    9. Sicu
      Hi Martijn. I saw that you've been looking for a content editor and I'd like to talk with you about this, in private if possible, if not, on here as well, as I'm rather interested in this since I got a lot of free time on my hands and basically nothing much to do with it and I'd rather try and use it on here than uselessly (:
    10. SouthernBeauty22
      Hello, Martijn. I'm interested in working for Funny Games.
    11. Spike
      Also I hear you've been going through a family emergency. I don't think the aforementioned issue is a rush, and you should take all the time you need. I hope things get better soon.
    12. Spike
      Ahhh, Braixen wants to talk on Discord. She's very concerned about people putting that they're underage in the age field.
    13. Owl
      Plus there are alot of members on here that have a lot of unacceptable photos on their profile which needs to be removed off Funny Games. I have been a member here for 9 years and I was a moderator here at one time until this site was hacked and things went out of control since. If you need any assistance improving your site and making it better,....I'd be more to help. Thanks.
    14. Owl
      Thank you for improving Funny Games. But I do have a question though. Are you going to eliminate the "Adult Version" of Funny Games?? I ask this because your site is linked through Facebook,Tweeter and Google+. And I'm 100% sure Facebook Administration will not tolerate Funny Games that also has an X-Rated Version of Funny Games.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Spike
        Sure, I'd be down to mod.
        Nov 4, 2017
      3. Spike
        Oh! I did not expect you to actually do it but alright I'll give it my all and not disappoint.
        Nov 4, 2017
      4. Martijn
        Welcome aboard :) Any help is much appreciated. I've given you the same rights settings as Braixen, so I think it should work like this.
        Nov 4, 2017
        Owl likes this.
    15. Grey Dreams
      Grey Dreams
      Wow... I'm so glad you guys came to save the forums. It might be too late.. But I'm glad you are trying regardless.
    16. Martijn
      Hi, this week the missing accounts should be available. Maybe we can see how that works out first. We're fixing a lot of issues one-by-one.
      1. Spike
        Oh okay thanks :)
        Oct 11, 2017
      2. Martijn
        The missing accounts have been imported today. Only the ScarletOHeart account can't be imported because it's assigned to the same email account as the other account. So we will transfer the social group to your account shortly.
        Oct 12, 2017
    17. Spike
      Hey~ So I used to own a social group on my alt account. That account was removed in the site's conversion, leaving it in the hands of Kamal. Any chance I could have it given to this account?
    18. Spike
      Hi! It's nice to meet you. I understand that you're the new admin. My friend ScarletOHeart 's account was removed in the site revamp. She asked me to get it back for her. Anything you could do to make it happen would be very much appreciated.
      1. Martijn
        Hello Sebastian, it does look like the ScarletOHeart account wasn't imported properly into the new database, along with a few other accounts. We're going to fix it shortly
        Sep 27, 2017
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